Track flights, explore & search with Amazon Alexa.

“Alexa, ask KAYAK...” track a flight.

Flight Tracker

Learn about flight status in real-time with Flight Tracker. Alexa will tell you expected arrival and departure times on command.
...where I can go for £400.

KAYAK Explore

Whatever your budget, Alexa uses KAYAK's Explore tool to show you all the amazing places you can travel to. book a hotel.

Travel search

Research your best options for flights, hotels, and car hires with the power of your own voice.
Check out our FAQ section to learn more
What is the KAYAK skill for Amazon Alexa?
It is a voice-command travel research tool. Whether you’re brainstorming your next vacation or need to track a flight, Alexa and KAYAK are ready to help.
How do I start asking Alexa to search KAYAK?
Go to the Skills section of your Alexa app and enable KAYAK (more on how-to here). Once enabled, use any of the commands listed below. Your command should always start with “Alexa, ask KAYAK…” to get her search-wheels turning.
What commands should I use if I want to…
  • …set my home airport?
  • “Alexa, ask KAYAK to set my home airport to __.”
  • …edit my home airport?
  • “Alexa, ask KAYAK to change my home airport to __.”
  • …remove my home airport?
  • “Alexa, ask KAYAK to remove my home airport.”
  • …track a flight?
    • “Alexa, ask KAYAK to track a flight.” (This will have Alexa prompt you for more information about what flight you want to track.)
    • “Alexa, ask KAYAK when the flight from London to Hong Kong departs.”
    • “Alexa, ask KAYAK when the Virgin Atlantic flight from Hong Kong arrives in London.”
    • “Alexa, ask KAYAK to track Virgin Atlantic 206.”
  • …see where I can go on my budget?
    • “Alexa, ask KAYAK where I can go for £400.”
    • “Alexa, ask KAYAK where I can go for £400 in May.”
  • …search for flights, hotels or car hires.
    • “Alexa, ask KAYAK to search for flights to Barcelona.”
    • “Alexa, ask KAYAK to search for flights from London to Barcelona.”
    • “Alexa, ask KAYAK to search for hotels in New York.”
    • “Alexa, ask KAYAK to search for hotels in New York from July 13 to July 14.”
    • “Alexa, ask KAYAK to search for car hires in Barcelona.”
    • “Alexa, ask KAYAK to search for car hires in Barcelona from October 22 to October 27.”
What do I need to do to access the skill? Does it cost money?
The KAYAK skill is available on any device that supports Amazon Alexa. To date, those devices include the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, as well as Amazon Fire TV. While the skill itself is free, head over to Amazon’s page to purchase a device.
What languages are available?
Right now, the KAYAK skill for Alexa is only in English.
Do I need a KAYAK account to use the skill?
What is a home airport?
Home airport is your default origin airport so that Alexa knows where you’re traveling from and can give you more accurate pricing and availability.
What criteria does Alexa use to give me my travel options?
For flights, Alexa will give you three options: the best non-stop price, the best 1+ stop price and the cheapest available option. For hotels, she reads you the least expensive 3-star and 4-star hotels, and one recommended result. For full results, please visit
Why are flight prices higher when I specify dates?
When you ask Alexa to search without specifying your dates, she will give you median prices. Once you specify your flight/hotel/rental dates, the price could be higher (or lower) than the median depending on availability and options.
Great, I found the flight/hotel/car hire I want. How do I book it?
Alexa will give you the details you need on the travel option you’re looking for, but for booking information visit KAYAK via desktop or mobile.
Alexa gave me an option for a flight/hotel/car hire that I can’t find on the site.
Make sure you search the site using the exact parameters that you gave to Alexa. Even a variation on the travel dates or number of passengers can cause rates to change.
Ah-ha! Alexa gave me a price and it’s different from what’s on your site when I went to book. Why is that flight price no longer available?
KAYAK (and the KAYAK skill on Alexa) searches hundreds of travel sites at once to show you all the options available so that you can make the right travel decisions. You never book directly through KAYAK, but always with one of our providers. This lets us stay a search engine and not a seller. We try to make sure we’re always displaying the most current pricing data. That said, prices and availability change frequently, so what Alexa quoted you (like much of life) is not guaranteed.
What other KAYAK features are available with Alexa?
Currently, KAYAK Flight, Hotel and Car Search, KAYAK Flight Tracker and KAYAK Explore are the only features available. But stay tuned as we work on capabilities for your other favorite features (like Trips, Price Alerts, Packages and more).