A Guide to Your Air Travel Rights

Hannah Hager
By Hannah Hager
Head of Content at AirHelp and freelance journalist based in New York City
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Flight disrupted? Learn more about your air travel rights with the KAYAK Guide on Air Travel Rights, powered by AirHelp

The rule of thumb used to be that you should arrive at the airport two hours ahead of your scheduled departure time. It’s probably safe to say that is no longer the case. Nowadays, flight delays have become so prolific that scheduled departure times have become more of the exception than the rule.

You may feel as though you’re powerless to change that, but you’re not as disenfranchised as you might think. It’s in the realm of possibility that the airline could compensate you for the inconvenience caused. The aim of the KAYAK Guide on Air Travel Rights, powered by AirHelp, is to give you a better understanding of your rights when it comes to delayed or cancelled flights or lost luggage and answer the frequently asked questions in these scenarios.

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