The top 5 cheapest flight destinations from Bristol Airport

Discover the top 5 cheap flights to amazing destinations direct from Bristol airport

Having an airport nearby is awesome, but unless your airport is the major airport in your country, you can quickly become green with envy looking at all those cheaper flights from the bigger cities. Luckily, here at KAYAK, we are the travel experts and we have the data on what flights are the cheapest direct from Bristol. Meaning we can tell you definitively which flights on average are the cheapest from Bristol Airport. Average price = you may pay a little more, perhaps a little less – but the cost of a ticket is usually around the one featured below. So what are you waiting for?

Jump on a plane already!

1. Flights from Bristol to Bucharest, Romania – Average price £19

street scene - flights from Bristol to Bucharest
A street vendor sells woven goods in Bucharest © coldsnowstorm/

First on our list of the top five cheapest flight destinations from Bristol airport is the Romanian capital of Bucharest. Still considered a hidden gem by travellers in the know, you should plan a trip before the city gets overrun with Londoners on a weekend getaway. The city centre is a mishmash of medieval, neoclassical, and art nouveau buildings, and warrants the overused description of breathtaking. After walking slack-jawed around the city stopping at architectural marvels like the Stavropoleos Monastery, re-energise with a hearty meal before checking out Bucharest’s vibrant nightlife.

KAYAK Tip: You’ve scored a cheap flight from Bristol, now book yourself into a fancy hotel without breaking the budget. A night for two in a 4-star hotel in Bucharest can be found for as little as £27.

2. Flights from Bristol to Milan, Italy – Average price £37

architecture detailing - flights from Bristol to Milan
Details of Milan’s stunning architecture © Samuel Zeller/

As far as cheap flights to great destinations from Bristol go, Milan is right up there, which saves you a few quid for shopping and dining in Italy’s fashion capital. If you are holidaying in style, Milan’s high-end restaurants like Contraste where your meal is created just for you after a conversation between you and the chefs, or a shopping trip on the Via Montenapoleone will make any credit card happy. But if you want to combine your cheap flight with a cheap holiday, fear not! Most of Milan’s museums only cost a few quid entry, the city’s outlet stores are legendary, and Italy being Italy – every pizzeria and fast food restaurant like Pascoli Piadineria Artigianale offers amazing food at incredible prices. A top destination from Bristol indeed.

KAYAK Tip: The Museo Archeologico is not just an incredible museum hosting artefacts from the Roman, Etruscan, and Greek eras, it’s also housed in a 9th-century monastery which is worth the trip alone. Entry is just €5 (about £4.50) but is also free on Tuesdays after 2pm.

3. Flights from Bristol to Dublin, Ireland – Average price £43

bridge - flights from bristol to dublin
Build bridges in Dublin © papagnoc/ ireland-city-

Not just one of the cheapest destinations to reach from Bristol airport, but also one of the top city-breaks you can take in terms of pure, unadulterated fun. Mix the old with the new by visiting medieval structures like the imposing St. Paul’s Cathedral (built in 1191) followed by the modern Science Gallery Museum. Alternatively, enjoy some Guinness and live music in a pub like The Brazen Head (founded in 1198) after feasting on contemporary cuisine somewhere like Ashton’s Gastropub. Hell, why not do both? After all, Dublin guarantees you’ll have a craicing good time.

KAYAK Tips: If you fancy a break from the bustle, head to North Bull Island a UNESCO biosphere site, located in Dublin Bay and less than a half hour from the city centre on public transport. Due to migration patterns, the reserve is a nature and bird lover’s paradise, especially from late autumn until early spring.

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4. Flights from Bristol to Paris, France – Average price £44

city view - flights from Bristol to Paris
A view over Paris © Alice Donovan Rouse/

Did you know that one of the world’s top destinations is cheap as chips to reach from Bristol International? Of course, we’re talking about Paris. If you’ve never been, you’ll want to book a trip right now, and if you have been before – you’re still probably aching to book your departure from Bristol right now. Whether you’re ambling the streets in awe of the architecture, visiting landmarks like The Louvre or in-the-know galleries like Galerie Mathgoth, shopping up a storm in local boutiques, or eating and drinking your way through the city districts, Paris is worth returning to over and over again.

KAYAK Tips: If you are either a teacher or under 26 head to Paris now, being an EU citizen allows you access to a bunch of Paris’ biggest and best museums for free!

5. Flights from Bristol to Venice, Italy – Average price £46

Venice canals - flights from Bristol to Venice
The canals of Venice © Karsten Würth/

If you’re searching for cheap flights from Bristol and want to explore a city on most people’s must-see lists, then you should head to Venice. Often described as a ‘living museum’, walking through the labyrinthine streets, crossing the canals on medieval bridges, and arriving at the grandeur of St Mark’s Basilica will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. If you want the full Venice experience, make sure you book a gondolier tour through the Grand Canal to experience the full splendour that Venice has to offer.

KAYAK Tip: If you want to see the inside of St Mark’s, it pays to book a ticket online. While admission is free for any visitors, booking a San Marco ticket means you can bypass the eternal queues that snake out the doors throughout the tourist season.

Note: These rates are based on search queries made on on 7th November 2017. The prices are quoted in GBP. Flight prices are based on results for a return economy flight search. Hotel prices are for double occupancy and include taxes and fees. Prices are subject to change, may vary, or no longer be available.