Wanderlust for Life

Michael Hegenauer
By Michael Hegenauer

Tonight – we might swing by Grandma’s house on the other side of town; next week – pop over to Oslo for a long weekend, and in a few month’s time? Head to the Okavango Delta and tick it off your top 5 places you have to see. What inspires us to travel? As people, we have a multitude of diverse interests, inspirations and longings. The things that make us tick give us a sense of individuality and often are pivotal in defining who we are. But these quirks can also be unifying, and travel is one of the most unifying topics of all. It’s not about the physical journey to a destination, which is usually stressful and exhausting. No, it’s about curiosity, about building memories, about challenge and growth and finding out who we are and where we fit in this incredible planet we live on. It’s all about the wanderlust.

“We are sad at home and blame the weather and the ugliness of the buildings, but on the tropical island we learn… that the state of the skies and the appearance of our dwellings can never on their own underwrite our joy nor condemn us to misery.” – Alain de Botton, The Art of Travel.

The simplest way to start any trip is to simply open the door and start walking. And when you are open to new things, everything can astonish you anew. Not that this idea is heretofore new and revolutionary, but it is one that is far too easy to forget.



As the world gets smaller, the influence of different cultures and languages start to permeate our own, creating a new global language. Some of us enjoy sipping a ‘latte’ at a ‘cafe’ after a trip to the ‘sauna’ or taking a ‘yoga’ class with an inspiring ‘guru’. Others enjoy drinking ‘booze’ on a ‘yacht’ or sitting on a ‘balcony’ reading some ‘mumbo jumbo’ about how to survive a ‘zombie’ apocalypse. These are just some examples of words we’ve adopted as our own over the years and when we look a little closer at how German has brightened up our language we think of ‘lager’ and ‘pilsner’, which are perfectly paired with a good ‘hamburger’ or, less tangible, ‘zeitgeist’, that beautiful word that encapsulates the spirit of the time.

And then there is ‘Wanderlust’, meaning – that yearning feeling we all have, to travel. To see something new, to challenge ourselves and our perceptions of the world or to simply let go – put our fears and troubles aside and either relax or dive into new experiences head first. All of which are achievable through stepping outside the confines of our daily lives and into the world outside.

Wanderlust fire

Because Wanderlust is something all of us here at the KAYAK MGZN feel so keenly, we want to foster this idea and help make breaking away from the familiar and mundane easier in every way we can. We are like a lucky dip for travel. Every time you dip into MGZN, you will come away with insider tips, travel hacks, new places to add to the bucket list and an urge to just pack up and get away. Anytime you feel this impetuous, impulsive wanderlust in yourselves, jump in, let yourself be surprised, inspired and excited. And, most important of all, enjoy each and every one of your travels.