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Siberia's increasingly mobile capital city, Novosibirsk boasts lovely wooden architecture, some exceptional museums and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes the desolation of the tundra seem thousands of miles away.

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Winters can be pretty bleak in Novosibirsk, so schedule your trip between April and early October for the best sightseeing conditions.

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Where to Stay in Novosibirsk

The city's leading luxury hotels are as good as any in Russia. Highlights include the DoubleTree by Hilton, the Radisson Novosibirsk and the Marins Park Hotel.

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Shopping Streets

The most enjoyable place to shop for clothing, crafts and food is indisputably Baraholka (the main market), although for apparel fans, malls like Aura Planeta and Royal Park offer big brands and Russian boutiques.

Groceries and Other

Supermarket options include Zebra and Servis, where you'll pay about RUB65 for 12 eggs.

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Where to Eat in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk has one of Russia's finest collections of elite restaurants, with standouts like the Mediterranean restaurant Perchini, the beer hall and dumpling cafe Beerman, and excellent Georgian eatery Tiflis. Prices range from RUB1,000-1,700.