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Ekaterinburg may not thrill you with outstanding monuments or picturesque streets, but don't be fooled by the unassuming exterior; the city has played a key role in Russia's history and is a busy regional capital for business, arts, culture and entertainment. Located where Europe meets Russia, the city makes a great starting point for exploring the Ural Mountain region.

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Most people visit Ekaterinburg during the warm and relatively wet summer months between May and September, when average temperatures range between 57°F and 75°F.

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Where to Stay in Ekaterinburg

Stay in stylish modern rooms in a historic buildings at the Hotel Chekhov. Marins Park offers comfortable rooms in a convenient location near the train station.

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Shopping Streets

The so-called Chinese Market is a huge area in the western part of the city, where you'll find hundreds of stalls with everything you can imagine for sale. For more upscale shopping, you'll want to check out Vaynera Street in the central area of the city.

Groceries and Other

Eliseyskiy and Kirovskiy are two of the larger supermarket chains in the city, and you'll also find a large supermarket at the Mega Ekaterinburg Mall just outside the city. A quart of milk costs about RUB48 and a dozen eggs RUB65.

Where to Eat in Ekaterinburg

Enjoy Uzbek specialties like manti (steamed dumplings) at Nigora, where mains start at RUB200. For an upscale dining experience of pan-European cuisine, choose Vertikal, where mains start at RUB850.