5 meals worth flying to London for (and where to try them)

London is known for lots of things; its history, the nightlife and many a mushy Hugh Grant rom com… but one of the city’s biggest highlights has to be its foodie scene.

Whether it be Michelin Starred restaurants or hipster street food joints, London really is a haven for those who travel to eat. You can find flavours and dishes from all over the world and sample some of the best fusion cooking or obscure (but amazing) food trends. But what are the dishes that truly represent London? Are they worth flying to try? (SPOILER ALERT: The answer is yes, definitely).

From British classics to recent trends, these are the meals to have when you come to London. Get booking flights on KAYAK.co.uk and get ready to forget about all that ‘beach-body ready’ nonsense.

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Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea

The quintessential British classic is done nowhere better than in London. Whether you go traditional and decadent, or opt for a more modern approach, it’s just as much about the experience as it is about the food itself. For traditional tea, scones and impeccably neat sandwiches, head to The Ritz for an opulent afternoon tea in Downton Abbey-worthy surrounds. If you’re more about the more modern (and by that we mean boozy) approach, try Sketch – for its famous millennial pink dining room, scalloped chairs and Instagram opportunities in abundance. If you’ve been there and done that, head to The Ambersand Hotel to sample their Science Afternoon Tea that includes petri dishes, dinosaur biscuits and plenty of dry ice for an alternative take on the classic.

Fish and chips

Fish and chips

Yeah, ok we know. Your hometown proooobably has the ‘Best Fish and Chip Shop in the UK’. It probably won some award back in 1998 and has the fading certificate on the wall to prove it. But give us a second. London definitely has some of the best old-school chippies to contend with your favourite local. North London’s Toff’s Fish is where you have to go for a truly authentic ‘Laaandaaan’ fish and chips experience. Established in the ‘60’s, the family-run business hasn’t changed much since it’s early days – it sticks to what it knows and does it well. Or if you want to go a bit more modern, London is littered with more modern takes on the traditional meal. Head to Hook Camden for fish and chips with a twist – think jerk seasoning and tempura batter.


Curry house

The joy of London’s hugely diverse population is that you can find curry houses from nearly every region of India, as well as restaurants specialising in the likes of Sri Lankan curry dishes. Some of the the city’s most popular establishments include Dishoom (the chain is famed for its Bombay Cafe-style decor), Hoppers (this Sri Lankan joint usually has a looong waiting list, so get there early) and Kricket (famous for its tasty small plates). Or, hit one of several curry neighbourhoods for a cheap, cheerful and very satisfying meal. Most tourists rightly head to Brick Lane, where restaurateurs stand outside to battle for your business – this is the place to haggle a three-course meal deal. Or, for a more off-the-beaten-path experience, head to Tooting in South London, home to the Curry Mile, which, as you can probably guess, is a street lined with some of the best and most authentic curry houses in London.



Yeah, yeah, every city does a good brunch these days. But in London, the late-morning meal has become a staple part of the city’s social scene and is definitely worth experiencing. For the Instagrammable avo and poached eggs meal, try Palm Vaults (for pretty dishes and pastel-coloured coffees), The Breakfast Club (for kitchy 80’s/90’s decor and classic breakfast dishes) or MILK (for unusual and delightful ingredients.). If you’ve got the stamina, do as the Londoners do and make a day of it by booking a ‘bottomless brunch’ where you’ll usually have your breakfast accompanied by two hours of free-flowing Prosecco, Bloody Mary’s or Mimosas.
Or, if you’re more interested in trying an authentic greasy spoon, head to Regency Cafe where you can eat big (and insanely) cheap portions of food with a mug of builder’s tea or frothy white coffee. The bustling cafe is famous for it’s shouting proprietor as well as it’s cameo in the film Layer Cake.

Sunday Roast


If the London weather leaves a lot to be desired, find your way to one of London’s MANY pubs and order yourself a ginormous Sunday Roast. Do your Sunday properly by getting out the city and heading to one of London’s more chilled areas. Take a stroll through Richmond Park to see the deer and then order yourself a Sunday Roast with all the trimmings at The Bingham, that has incredible views of the river if you can nab a window seat. Or head north to trendy Islington and grab a table at The Old Queens Head for a substantial roast and lively atmosphere.

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