Adventure Time With Fun And Jokes: Escape The Cold In Distant Lands

Roland Wildberg
By Roland Wildberg
Travel Journalist from Berlin
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“Now is the winter of our discontent.” So said Richard III, according to Shakespeare, and he ought to have known. But, while poor old Richard comes to a sad end, offering his whole kingdom for a horse to escape on, you’re much better off.

If you really want to get away, you won’t have to swap your kingdom, your fortune, or even your house. With good-guy KAYAK on your side, you can jet off somewhere sunny, leaving Richard, his horse, and the cold far behind you – the warm seasons are coming, and it’s time to make your Winters’ Tale into a Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Lanzarote: Europe’s first underwater museum

The prospects for Lanzarote: Sun, sun, and more sun (20 degrees in the shade!). Lanzarote has a particular charm: much of the island, one of the Canaries, is quite sparse, with fields of boulders scattered in all directions. The landscape can be quite surreal, with the harsh, volcanic nature of the archipelago especially evident.
Lanzarote is the third largest of the Canary Islands, and like many a middle child, it has bedecked itself in black. Indeed, even the palm trees seem to be tinged with ash. Ever seen a black beach? On this fascinating isle, you can indulge your inner goth and improve your tan at the same time.
But there’s much more to this ancient island than the beach. In Timanfaya National Park (with its impressive Montañas del Fuego, fire mountains) you’ll be amazed at the displays of still-active geothermal energy. Heat vents here are still able to ignite kindling, so careful where you step!

lanzarote underwater museum
Octopus’s Garden: off the coast of Lanzarote you can dive to Europe’s first underwater museum © Jason deCaires Taylor / CACT Lanzarote

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Of course, on an island, you can’t ignore what’s going on in the sea, and at Lanzarote, you’re in for something rather special: As of January 2017, Lanzarote is now home to the Museo Atlántico. No ordinary museum, it is, in fact, an underwater sculpture garden- the first in Europe- at a depth of 12 to 16 metres, which you can only see either by taking a dive (bookable through a certified diving centre) or from a glass bottom boat.

If you want to know which Canary Island is right for you, read our in-depth island comparison!
The entrance to the museum is in the bay of Las Coloradas in the south of the island. Its 300 moving pieces, each of which was designed and then carefully sunk, – were made by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor and can be interpreted as a moving statement on the environment and other social issues. His works are also intended to serve as artificial reefs and thus favour the settlement of new animal and plant species. A good starting point for all kinds of activities is the centrally-located San Bartolomé.

Hajar Holiday: Adventure holidays in Oman

To the uninitiated, many Arabian destinations might seem to contain nothing but sand and shopping malls, but that certainly can’t be said about Oman. That much becomes obvious as soon as you step off the plane in Muscat and witness the towering Hajar Mountains.

winter hater oman hajar mountains
Desert beauty: Oman has a subtropical climate: humid on the coasts and very dry in the interior of the country. © Alexey Stiop /

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These mountains reach up to 3000 metres, with dramatic peaks, spectacular panoramas and cool wadis, some of which will grant you some sweet relief for a post-hike dip.
The best base for Omani expeditions is the capital of the Sultanate, Muscat – with bazaars, a beautiful cliffside drive and an old fish market.

Diving in the Bahamas

If Oman sounds a little dry to your liking, you can always head in the opposite direction. The Bahamas are nice and warm (23-degree water in February), and the water is a delicious azure blue. Dive in, and you’re sure to have a host of colourful fish swirling about your feet in no time.

winter hater bahamas shark diving
Shark Central Station: The Bahamas has the world’s highest concentration of sharks © nicolasvoisin44 /

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But it’s not only fishes that inhabit these waters. In fact, the ocean surrounding the Bahamas is thought to be home to the world’s largest shark concentration – including the five-metre-long striped monster, the Tiger Shark! If you’ve ever been interested in an underwater adventure that’s half “Pirates of the Caribbean” and half “Jaws” “Finding Nemo”, head to the Bahamas – we promise your holiday film will have a happy ending.

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Monkey business in Brazil: Out there in the trees.

As a small child, you probably liked climbing – climbing frames, trees, people’s legs, etc. Something in our primate DNA just makes us instinctively drawn to crawling up heights. Eventually, we learn to control our impulses – but we never completely outgrow them. And now’s your chance to let your inner lemur go free: In Manaus, you can climb a jungle giant reaching not ten- not even 20, but 65 metres tall!

winter hater brazil manaus
Manaus is surrounded by virgin forest – the perfect jumping-off point for an adventure © achiaos /

First, you’ll be strapped in and secured by professional coaches. Then it’s up to you, as you haul yourself up higher and higher, like Pooh-bear collecting the bees’ honey. As you ascend, the shadows of the forest floor will change to brighter hues until you reach the canopy, and finally: the view – a priceless scene taking in miles over your jungle kingdom, and confirming what you already knew: humans were born to climb. (

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Cliffhanger: Free-climbing in Thailand

‘Professional coaches?’, you say? ‘Secured?’ If you’re the kind to scoff at such mortal cares as climbing aids, the next trip idea may be of particular interest to you. Where to? In Krabi on the south-west coast of Thailand. For it’s here you’ll find some of the world’s best free-climbing conditions!

winter hater krabi free climbing
The climbing is amazing in Krabi. But how can you even concentrate on climbing with that view? © Andrey Plis /

Flights starting at £466Accommodation starting £7

You’ll spend a lot of your time hanging off of sheer limestone cliffs, either vertically or occasionally upside-down. Beneath you, the blue sea rushes, while the gentle ocean breezes will cool you off as you stretch for the next grip. In the evenings, relax with a hard-earned drink on one of the gorgeous beaches…

Crazy in Colombia: Survival in the Jungle

When you’re looking to leave behind the wet and cold of Britain, there are a great many options, and nearly everywhere is an upgrade. But South America is full of good options of all sorts. However, if you want a real departure to the dreariness of life in England, try a foray into the jungles of Colombia, where you can sign up for a hard-hitting survival training in the rainforest.

winter hater colombia jungle
Tall trees: It is said that Colombia is home to the world’s tallest palm trees ©Molly Trerotola/

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Do not worry; you don’t have to eat any creepy-crawlies… but at least after the Colombian crash course, you’ll know which ones to go for in an emergency. (

Out in the Outback: opals instead of snowballs

It’s certainly a long way away, but the good news is, there’s treasure to be found! Thousands of lucky dirt-scratchers have uncovered opals in the Australian desert. And the picturesque town of Coober Pedy, South Australia, known as the Opal Capital of the world, is waiting for you to stake your claim.

winter hater australia coober pedy
Australia: Winter here is summer there… just sayin’. © Fat Jackey /

ights to Adelaide starting at £588Accommodation to Coober Pedy starting at £59

If stone scrabbling’s not your thing, there are other ways to relax – the subterranean mole-metropolis of Coober Pedy is a marvel of human ingenuity, while keen golfers can hit the fairways at the local golf course – just look out, as there’s no green in sight whatsoever – it is basically a giant sand trap.

australien outback opall
So sparkly! Outback Opal © hlphoto /

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The Nouveau Western: Winter holiday plus Spanish sun

OK – To experience the desert, you don’t have to travel to Australia, or even to the Arabian Peninsula. And for a taste of the Wild West, you don’t even have to go to America: you’ll find both 20 kilometres north of Almería on the Spanish Costa Blanca!

winter hater spain fort bravo
Your own taste of Westworld: Real Hollywood blockbusters have already been shot in this spot north of Almería © Hans wrang /

Flights starting at £65Accommodation starting at £29

After your very own film shoot at Fort Bravo, a former film studio of countless glorious spaghetti westerns, you’ll be ready to ride off on your very own horse into your very own sunset – and explore the desert of Tabernas. As sweet as the silver screen.
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