Quiz: Are you a Travel Pro?

We all get the basics of planning a trip. You’ve got to choose the destination, book the flights, find accommodation and then get your bags packed. But as you’re probably aware, not all travellers are created equal. And while some of us are searching for flights on-the-go on *cough* the KAYAK app *cough*, others are tentatively flitting between two more or less identical hotels they’ve found in a high street travel agent brochure.  

Travel planning is certainly easier for some than it is others. But what does it actually take to make you a Travel Pro? Take the quiz to find out if your travel-planning skills make the cut.


Finally, the time has come to book a trip. But how flexible are your travel dates?

How would you describe your booking style?

What's your packing style?

Tell us about your travel documents?

How do you prepare in the lead up to your trip?

What's your take on stopovers?

How do you pay for things when you travel?

And finally, how much time do you spend on social media during your trip?

Quiz: Are You A Travel Pro?
Absolute Novice

Having to plan a trip from start to finish fills you with dread. You'd rather rely on a travel agent or slightly more savvy friend to tell you what to do. Your dream destination is probably somewhere you've been at least three times before and there's no way you'd plan a solo trip. And that's okay. But you're certainly no Travel Pro.
Semi-successful Planner

You're not a total novice, but you're not necessarily the most confident traveller either. You can probably plan a trip on your own, but only to somewhere fully on the beaten path. And you'll definitely pack too much. You're definitely more of a 'tick off the main attractions' than a 'immerse yourself in the locals haunts' kind of a tourist. Perhaps it's time to venture further out of your comfort zone when planning your next trip?
Confident Traveller

You're almost a Travel Pro, but not quite. There's no doubt that you can travel confidently to a range of destinations and you're able to book flights, accomodation and transport with ease. But that doesn't mean you know it all. You'll probably pick a trending destination over an up-and-coming one. And you might not be the best at finding the best flight deals. But hey, you still manage to get the best Instagram snaps.
KAYAK Travel Pro

Congrats! You're a fully-fledged KAYAK Travel Pro. You know all the travel hacks to get you from A to B with ease and you aren't phased by the thought of travelling to the most remote corners of the globe. Keep up the good work!

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