The Taste of Travel

For some, the best way to experience a place is through its food. See the best places to go for dining and local dishes around the world.


What’s for breakfast in Italy, and where are the best locations you can enjoy it?

In this series, we’ll travel to various regions to examine breakfast in Italy and see how the locals begin their day. We will also list some excellent locations (with early opening hours) where you can enjoy a typical Italian breakfast before the day’s adventures unfold. Take note that breakfast in Italy is usually an extremely light affair, so keep an open mind and bring your imagination.
Allan Kortbæk

Italian food traditions: from gourmet favourites, to a host of ravishing delicacies

In the world’s capital for traditional cuisine, mealtime is a multi-course rite of passage. Preparation techniques and ingredients vary across the regions, but the character and taste of the food are undeniable. Pack your palate and travel with us to uncover the finest Italian food traditions you can enjoy in the company of family and friends.
Allan Kortbæk

Eat your heart out: an introduction to Maltese food

With its wide-ranging menu of traditional and international cuisine, Maltese food is putting Malta on the map as a foodie...
Stephanie Campisi
people friends drinking tea

The 5 hottest tea (s)pots in London Town

We have the Duchess of Bedford to thank for our wonderful tradition of the afternoon or high tea. In the...
Fie Kornum

Cocktails and their home countries: Where to travel to drink the original

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how to make a good cocktail. Through online socialising, team building events...
Beci Wood
breakfast english

19 delicious regional UK specialities you need to know about

From the quirky-named dishes of Scotland to dishes of England that have stood the test of time, we’ve scoured the UK to discover its most marvellous, and less famous, speciality dishes, that you simply have to try.
Fie Kornum

Extraordinary national dishes around the world

Every country has its own national dish, or possibly dishes, and exploring the local cuisine is part of the joy of travel. Some of the most extraordinary national dishes are based on just one or two locally sourced ingredients, while others are an assortment of competing flavours, reflecting historical links with lands far away.
Ola Sowa
5 meals worth flying to London for (and where to try them)

5 meals worth flying to London for (and where to try them)

London is one of the world’s best foodie cities. But which dishes are worth the flight?
Cook like a local: the best cooking classes around the world

Cook like a local: the best cooking classes around the world

With the number of cooking courses available, you can learn to create your favourite foreign feeds and recreate them at home. Here are some of our favourite cooking courses from around the world.
Heather Snowden