Need a Change of Scenery? Plan your Next Escape with our Free Desktop App

Wave goodbye to the January Blues: New desktop app from inspires Brits to book their dream holidays for the best prices

London, 24 January 2018:  Today launches a brand-new desktop app to inspire Brits to book their dream holidays to help combat the January blues.

Available for both Mac and PC users, the free KAYAK Desktop Escape app provides stunning imagery from 94 destinations across the world for users’ computer backgrounds, highlighting how Brits can book the cheapest flights to those destinations at the click of a button – literally taking them there.

Users can choose how often the destination on their computer background refreshes – whether they prefer hourly or daily inspiration – and by simply clicking the ‘Escape’ button they will be directed to the website where, in a few short moments, they can get their dream holiday booked. Not only that, the app also provides helpful travel tips for Brits to ensure they make the most of their adventures away.

Neil Cartwright, travel expert at KAYAK, comments: ‘As we leave Christmas and New Year celebrations behind us and get back to work we often need inspiration and the promise of a holiday to get us through the cold winter months.

‘With travel being one of the best escapes to refresh our batteries and motivate us throughout the year, KAYAK created the Desktop Escape app to inspire users to get away and plan their next adventure. The easy-to-use tool provides beautiful imagery and the best prices to help busy Brits get through January, whilst showing them incredible destinations which they may never have thought of visiting before’.  

Note to editors: The KAYAK Desktop Escape will be available for download in the UK, USA, and Canada. The app finds the cheapest return flights within the next three months and users can adjust their dates when they land on the KAYAK flight search page. The app provides cached values based on previous user searches. Prices may change and offers may no longer be available.