Holiday-ja-vu? Millions of unadventurous Brits go to the same destination every year – because it has a British pub with Sky Sports

  • Just a fifth of Brits go to a new destination each year
  • On average, Brits have been to the same place five times in the past ten years

Millions of Brits are going on holiday to the same destination every year because it has British pubs with Sky Sports, according to new research from travel search engine

Just 20% of Brits that go on holiday say they go to a different destination every year, leaving 80% who choose to simply revisit places they have been to before.

On average, British travellers have been to at least one holiday destination five times in the past ten years. Twelve per cent have visited the same destination nine or more times in that period, whilst 4% have been to the same destination 15 times or more in the past decade.

Amongst those who have visited the same destination at least three times in the past ten years (54%), the main reason given for the repeat trips (30%) is simply that ‘it is the best place to go on holiday’ – although that may be hard to judge for those not visiting a variety of holiday destinations.

Whilst a quarter (26%) understandably say the reason is because they have a holiday home or visit friends who live abroad, a fifth (19%) are worried about risking going somewhere new in case they don’t like it. A further 12% say the visit the very same hotel because they ‘like the staff’ whilst 7% admit they are simply ‘unadventurous’.

Incredibly, one in 20 adults (5%) and nearly one in ten men (8%) said that the main reason they go back to the same destination for their holiday is because it has British pubs which show Sky Sports. This equates to around 1.3m British holidaymakers.


John-Lee Saez, Managing Director for KAYAK Europe, comments: “Holidays are a chance to relax and unwind, and for many Brits, that means the security of going back to somewhere they know and love, and being able to do what they enjoy at home, such as keeping up with the footie or cricket.

“However, for many, travel is all about broadening your horizons and discovering something new. The main reason that Brits go back to the same destination is because they think it is the best – but it can be hard to know that for sure if you rarely visit anywhere else.

“We have lots of tools to help Brits discover new destinations, such as Explore, which allows users to put in their holiday budget and find out where they can go for the money. For many, this could mean discovering somewhere far more exotic or interesting for the same price, and our destination guides can tell people more about the locations, helping them to confidently try somewhere new.”




Research conducted by Opinium Research amongst 1,007 adults in the UK, between 10-14 January 2019 and not previously published.


Figure workings:

  • There are 52,078,525 adults in the UK (Office of National Statistics Population Estimates for UK: mid-2017)
  • 94% have been on holiday in the past 12 months = 48,953,816
  • 54% of those been on a holiday to the same place at least three times in the past ten years = 26,435,060
  • 5% sight British pubs with Sky Sports as a reason for going to the same place each year = 1,321,753