KAYAK Europe GmbH Headquarters Opens in Zürich (note the cool ü)

… And Now We Know How To Say ‘Search One and Done.’ In Multiple Languages Too
It may be true that only one American on our team has any idea what GmbH means, and that almost none of us understands what ‘Cerchi. Trovi. Fatto.’ means in Italian.
However, KAYAK Europe’s headquarters in Zürich is officially open. We’re very excited as the new office is critical to our European growth efforts. We’ve also updated our brand messages in each local market (the folks in Massachusetts may not know what the words mean but they’ve already ordered t-shirts).
At the same time, we’re also excited to announce the appointment of John-Lee Saez as Managing Director of KAYAK France. John-Lee joins KAYAK as part of our recent acquisition of leading Austrian travel search site, checkfelix.com. He’ll be joining KAYAK Europe Managing Director, Christian Saller, as well as European CMO, Wolfgang Heigl, and European CTO, Lars Jankowfsky, in the Zürich office. The American team looks forward to visiting… a lot.


(Preview photo cred: iStock.com/reto_s)