The World’s Most Romantic Airports

Airports around the world resonate with the sounds of final and temporary goodbyes, last-minute embraces and stolen kisses. For couples saying goodbye at the airport, it can be an emotional moment they don’t want rushed. So with Valentine’s Day approaching, has rated the romance levels of UK – and global – airports by revealing how much time they allow for drop offs and that all-important goodbye kiss. Vital information for lovers – but very practical information for all travellers.

Leeds/Bradford Airport is revealed as one of the most generous – and therefore perhaps the most romantic – airports, not just in the UK, but the world. The airport offers a massive one hour for dropping off passengers, totally free of charge. Leeds/Bradford is joined by London Stansted in offering couples and families up to one whole hour to say their goodbyes, albeit located a short bus transfer away from the terminal.

However, the research also found that many airports are charging a fee  to simply drop passengers off at the terminal. Airports including East Midlands, Bristol, Edinburgh and Aberdeen were all found to charge £1 to drop travellers off. And while Stansted leads the way by offering 60 minutes free at its mid stay car park, those wanting to drop their loved one off at the terminal building itself will need to pay £2.50 for just ten minutes.


When looking at the largest airports across the globe, the research revealed Hong Kong International, Tokyo International Haneda and Palma de Mallorca as the most romantic airports abroad, with a generous 30 minutes of free parking permitted. Rome’s Fiumicino airport allows 15 minutes of quality time in its aptly name ‘Kiss & Go’ zone. Joining Rome in the 15 minute bracket are Dubai International, Phuket International, Prague Václav Havel and Copenhagen Kastrup.

Paris may be the city of love, but travellers at Charles de Gaulle need to keep that amorous goodbye to a concise 10 minutes in the drop off zone. In major American airports such as New York’s JFK, San Francisco International and Los Angeles International, goodbyes are a mere formality, with barely enough time for departees to disembark their vehicle before it is promptly ushered from the ‘Kiss & Fly’ zone.

We like to look at travel from every angle. Love may be in the air, but it’s also on the ground, particularly in airport drop off zones. We love to help you plan and manage your travel better, and in this case, we’ve used our insight to assist with planning airport drop offs while also providing a few tips on squeezing a little more romance out of your next farewell.



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