10 signs that it’s time for you to book a flight

Yep. It’s official. You need a holiday.

“No, I’m fine”, you think to yourself… but we know the truth. All the signs are there, even if you haven’t quite noticed them yet. You. Need. A. Break. It’s just that you sometimes need a gentle nudge from someone who knows best. AKA, us here at KAYAK.

Here are 10 signs that prove you need to book a flight now. And if any of these things seem familiar, then head on over to KAYAK.co.uk and get searching for your next adventure.

Don’t wait any longer, get searching for flights now

You’ve got waaay too many annual leave days left

Some third of Brits do not use their full annual leave allowance, which is, quite frankly, madness. And if you’ve found yourself to be one of the 33.3%, then this is a sure sign that you are not travelling enough. If you find yourself around December time sitting with 15 days holiday left and not sure what to do, you should, erm, 100% plan a trip. C’mon, you definitely deserve it.

You’ve got serious travel-envy

If you find yourself forcibly trying to smile through gritted teeth as Dave from Sales talks about his trip to Bali, then you really need to get away. Travel stories are to be shared but if you’ve gone from feeling inspired to feeling envious, there’s only one fix – planning an awesome trip for yourself. If you find feelings of resentment building as you scroll through your friend’s Instagram photos from their trip to Berlin, it’s time to get searching for a flight to somewhere new and exciting.

Your search history reads like a never-ending bucket list

When is it sunny in Thailand?
When is the best time to see the northern lights?
What’s the best beach in Sri Lanka?
This travel trivia is only going to be useful if you put it into action.

You spend more time daydreaming than actually doing work

You’ve got work or assignment deadlines piling up but that doesn’t stop you from wistfully daydreaming about being anywhere but your desk. You don’t remember the last meeting where you didn’t lose your train of thought. You need three coffees to make it to lunch. You’re overworked. You need a break. BOOK A FLIGHT!!!

You have a wardrobe full of unused summer clothes

You thought the summer at home would be better, so you put off booking a holiday and now you have a wardrobe of denim shorts and vests that are destined to live in a crumpled heap forever. But you bought them for a reason. And you’ll look much better in them on a beach in Greece than braving the elements on the beach in Brighton.

You’ve become VERY irritable

A five-minute train delay? Urghhh. Someone messaging without putting their phone on silent? So irritating. Self-service checkouts? Totally rage-inducing. These normally minor irritations have begun to send you into a full-on bad mood in seconds.

You know what will fix all that? Lying on a beach in Spain. Kayaking through the Norwegian fjords. Eating a ginormous pizza in Naples. The list goes on…

You spend too much time commenting on the weather

In fairness, you are British, so how else are you going to strike up a conversation with that colleague who you barely know? But it’s gotten to the point where all you talk about is the wind and rain. You really need to get away. Do you know where isn’t rainy? The Caribbean. And if that’s too far, we hear the Canary Islands are still pretty sunny at this time of year…

You spend a lot of time looking back at old photos

#TBT is your most used hashtag. You find yourself gazing longingly at your old tagged photos from last year’s holiday. You’ve not updated your profile picture in months. Planning a holiday is a surefire way to rectify this situation.

You’re not sure of the exact location of your passport

You’ve definitely not lost it. But at this exact moment, you couldn’t say with complete certainty where its location is in your home. It’s been a while since you’ve had to dig it out and you’re maybe not even sure what date it expires. Time to get home and look it out.

You’re becoming less and less picky

Even if you’ve noticed the signs and realise you seriously need to get a trip planned, you’ve gone so long without a break that you’re at the point where you’ll literally go anywhere. Your mandatory destination criteria has gone from visiting a specific landmark to ‘anywhere that has a beach’.

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