12 reasons to visit Los Angeles: the best reason to visit each month

Los Angeles’s landscape of majestic mountains, golden beaches and sun all year long is more than enough of a reason to book a flight, but it’s the museums, shopping and entertainment that make the City of Angels one of the best destinations in the United States.

If you’re ready to plan your trip then head over to KAYAK.co.uk to find your next flight to LA. If you’re looking for something to do while you’re there, below are some of the best reasons to visit the city each month.

January: Celebrate the Chinese New Year in LA’s Chinatown

Ring in the Chinese New Year in one of the first established Chinatowns in America. In Los Angeles’s Chinatown, the New Year is celebrated with a parade that goes by the famous Dragon Gate on Broadway, a plethora of events in Chinatown central plaza and plenty of firecrackers. Make sure to duck into one of the restaurants and try the classic Chinatown dish, Slippery Shrimp.

Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of L.A.'s Chinatown.
Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of L.A.’s Chinatown

February: Oscar season

Roll out the red carpet, it’s Oscar season in L.A. All of Hollywood is abuzz with movie screenings, celebrity gossip, and award prognostication. Head to the ArcLight cinema on Sunset Boulevard and grab tickets to premieres and interview panels with the movie stars.

March: California Poppy season

The LA hills are alive with the sight of poppies in full bloom. This is a perfect time to hike the surrounding hills. To make the best of it, rent a car and drive an hour east to Antelope Valley or west to the cliffs by Santa Cruz that overlook the Pacific. Look for the perfect California cruiser to rent at KAYAK.co.uk

California poppy field in Antelope Valley.
California poppy field in Antelope Valley

April: Artwalk season

L.A. has a vibrant arts scene and nowhere is that better encapsulated than in its Arts District in downtown L.A. The area is full of street murals and artist colonies that bring colour to the former warehouse district. Many of these areas open up to the public for tours or public events. In April, take the time to go to the Brewery Artwalk. The artist colony that resides in a former Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery hosts its Artwalk in April and the public can enjoy free public art installations, interactive events and a few of  L.A.’s famous food trucks.

Art, graffiti, and murals now cover much of L.A.'s art district.
Art, graffiti, and murals now cover much of L.A.’s art district

May: Live jazz at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Come for the art, stay for the jazz. Jazz at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or LACMA, features the art of jazz as practised by some of L.A.’s finest jazz musicians. The programme has featured legends such as Wayne Shorter, John Clayton, Kenny Burrell, Les McCann, Billy Childs, Arturo Sandoval, Cannonball-Coltrane Project and Ernie Watts.

June: Pride

Each June, thousands flock to West Hollywood to celebrate L.A.’s diversity and to help make a positive and lasting impact in the LGBT community. There are events, concerts, and shows surrounding the festival and parade. Make sure you stay close to the festivities and find the right hotel through KAYAK.co.uk

July: First Fridays at Venice Beach

The Venice Beach Boardwalk is lined with street performers, restaurants and bars, and pulses with the life of the city. On the first Friday of every month, another part of Venice comes alive on Abbot Kinney Boulevard with L.A.’s premier food truck event. The boulevard is filled with food trucks and pop-up merchants that stay open late, giving people a taste of what the L.A. nights have to offer.

August: Surf season

Temperatures reach their peak in August, and Angelenos and tourists alike flock to the beaches to escape the heat. On the beaches in August, you can find the International Surf Festival where there’s surf championships, beach volleyball tournaments and the intra-lifeguard competition (cue the Baywatch music).

The beach, the sun and the surf. All in L.A.
The beach, the sun and the surf. All in L.A.

September: Hollywood Forever

The temperatures cool down in September, meaning it’s the perfect time for a picnic and an outdoor movie at, wait for it, a cemetery. Hollywood Forever is one of the oldest graveyards in Los Angeles, and the resting place of many former Hollywood stars. Located right on Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood Forever now serves as a venue for outdoor movie nights and live music acts.

October: Scare season

The tourist season finally dies down in October, which according to our data, makes October one of the most affordable months to travel to Los Angeles. This also means the queues have also died down at L.A.’s amusement parks like Universal Studios and Disneyland, which host Halloween themed attractions during the month of October.

November: City of cars

Given the city’s temperate weather and lack of rain, it is an ideal place to own a car (insufferable traffic aside). Every year the city hosts its own Auto Show, one of the biggest in the world, where auto manufacturers unveil new cars, offer test drives and display vintage and custom cars.

December: Star season

With epic views of the Hollywood sign from atop the hill, the Griffith Observatory is one of the most iconic locations in L.A. December, when L.A. is at’s darkest, is the best time to go to the observatory star parties. Every month the observatory lets the public come at night to use its telescopes to observe the Southern California stars.

Soak in the stars at the Griffith Observatory
Soak in the stars at the Griffith Observatory

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