Spring for a Song: 10 new ideas of where to spend your Easter holiday

Roland Wildberg
By Roland Wildberg
Travel Journalist from Berlin
© arturasker/Shutterstock.com | Wonderful beaches on Crete

Want to get away this Easter? Good idea! If you can’t handle the thought of staying at home and stuffing yourself with too many Cadbury eggs, why not get away?

This year, Easter is later than usual, meaning better weather. Not only that, with the May Day bank holiday just over the horizon, you may be able to extend your holiday without burning up all of your holiday time.

The only question remains – where to go? Well, here are a few affordable ideas:

Frolic in Figueres: Easter in Spain

It’s not only the eggs on the roof of the Dali museum that make Figueres a perfect Easter destination – this lively city, in the heart of the Alt Empordá region, is perfect for a getaway, and the timing couldn’t be better: the legendary Figueres Comedy Festival coincides with Easter. You’re guaranteed a riotous time, even if you don’t speak Catalan!

© MPanchenko / Shutterstock.com
© MPanchenko/Shutterstock.com

When you’ve had your fill of surrealism and hilarity, you can head to the station. With Barcelona just 85 miles away, it’s definitely within range for a day-trip. Board a train and you’ll be there in less than two hours.

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Up North: Easter in Iceland

Easter is best celebrated with the elements, and that’s exactly what you’ll get in Iceland. Here you’ll have plenty of fire and ice, with the northern lights providing the perfect otherworldly glow for your Easter egg hunt.

© Gian-Reno Tarnutzer / Unsplash.com
© Gian-Reno Tarnutzer/Unsplash.com

There are also perks to coming during the off-season: if you get cold, just thinking about all the long queues you’re missing should keep you warm – if not, just jump into a hot spring.

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Crete, before the crowds

Crete in the summer can become a bit of a nightmare, as masses of tourists turn the fabled island into a bit of a ‘grecian churn’. However, April should be early enough to avoid the crush, and if you head to the land of the labyrinth for Easter you’ll find space on even the most notorious beaches for your towel.

© arturasker / Shutterstock.com
© arturasker/Shutterstock.com

When you’re ready for a break, head to one of the surrounding pubs for a refreshing pick-me-up. The bartenders may even have time for a chat before the rush of the summer season begins.

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Tulips and Canals: Easter in Amsterdam.

Spring starts off with a bang in the Dutch capital – or rather, with a bloom. While most cities show off their most explosive colours on New Year’s Eve with fireworks, things in Amsterdam are done a little differently.

© avalenkava/Shutterstock.com
© avalenkava/Shutterstock.com

Here, the most luminous season is undoubtedly the spring, when your senses will be amazed by millions of brightly coloured tulips. If that weren’t enough, the King’s Day festival on April 27th will provide you with another fluorescent display, as the entire city decks itself out in orange, the colour of the royal family.

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Italian Ice: Easter in Bergamo

By April, the sun’s heat can already be quite intense in Lombardy – just as well that in Bergamo’s old town, you’re never far from a gelateria. And this isn’t any ordinary ice cream. At the Gelateria Marianna, you can taste the original Stracciatella gelato from the shop that gave birth to the idea. If you are still hot, take a dip in the idyllic lake Iseo – a short 20 minute drive away.

© Eduard Militaru/Unsplash.com
© Eduard Militaru/Unsplash.com

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Make Merry in Derry: Easter in Northern Ireland

Thinking of staying a little closer to home? You don’t have to go far for spectacular views. Northern Ireland, with its serpentine, rocky coasts, romantic castle ruins, and endless beaches is the perfect place for a motor-tour, and the best part is you’ll have a chance of avoiding the crowds of tourists which plague many other Easter destinations.

© Lautz/Shutterstock.com
© Lautz/Shutterstock.com

The counties of Derry and Antrim are both packed with noteworthy sites, both natural and man-made – with the mystical Giant’s Causeway (famously used by Led Zeppelin for the cover of their album Houses of the Holy) a must-see destination for any traveller.

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Paschal Petra: Easter in Jordan

Petra is known the world over as a wonder of the world, but if you are planning a trip, don’t delay. The ancient city of the Nabataeans, partially carved into the sandstone rocks of the Wadi Musa in Jordan, can become unbearably hot once May gets going. If you want to see the place where Indiana Jones found the Holy Grail, Easter would seem like the right time to do it.

© Kanuman/Shutterstock.com
© Kanuman/Shutterstock.com

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Feasting in Fes: Easter in Morocco

Moroccan cuisine, I think we can all agree is amazing, but did you ever realise you too could become an expert chef? Spend an hour in El Attarine, the old herb market of Fes, and you’ll have all the ingredients you need – now just head to the kitchen! While brewing up a batch of fresh mint tea, you’ll assemble all your fresh produce to prepare a tagine. Don’t know your harissa from your harira? No matter, your cook, Lahcen will show you what to do!

 © Simonas Vaikasas/Shutterstock.com
© Simonas Vaikasas/Shutterstock.com

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Placid Portugal: Easter in Alentejo

On the banks of the river Tagus, olive trees seem to dance dreamily in the breeze, their blurred reflections mirrored in the lazy stream as it winds its way on to Lisbon.

 © Andrii Lutsyk/Shutterstock.com
© Andrii Lutsyk/Shutterstock.com

Outside Portugal’s capital, you’ll be able to shake off the hustle and bustle, and soon you’ll forget it completely – in Alentejo, one of Europe’s most pristine regions. At this time of year it’s a lovely sight, in full bloom and wonderfully free of crowds. If you are looking for something a bit livelier, the beach at Algarve is just a few hours away.

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Peerless Pyrenees: Easter in Andorra

Springtime in the Pyrenees is lovely, as the peaks begin to shake off their snowy coats and burst into life. Meadows and wildflowers take over, and the air fills with the calls of songbirds.

© Nasty-N/Shutterstock.com
© Nasty-N/Shutterstock.com

In Andorra, a tiny principality wedged in between Spain and France, you’ll experience all this, as well as the famed hot springs of Caldea – Europe’s largest spa. Sound relaxing? That’s not even the best part – as taxes are extremely low in this alpine nation, you’ll have more money to spend on what matters most – your enjoyment.

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