A Luxurious Weekend Getaway for as Little as £132 – Use Our Insider Tips and Live Like Royalty in Rzeszów

Roland Wildberg
By Roland Wildberg
Travel Journalist from Berlin
© Andrzej Rostek/Shutterstock.com

Destinations as yet unknown – are they undiscovered paradises awaiting intrepid explorers to expose them or are they simply dull and uninteresting? Apparently, there’s a destination of the former kind with frequent flights to it out of London, and its name is…….. Rzeszów!

Podkarpackie Province – an unfamiliar name that doesn’t easily roll off of the tongue and that most of you would be hard pressed to point to on a map – is a region in the extreme south-east of Poland, lying in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains. After that scintillating geography lesson, the next question is surely, “And what does one do there?”

Fly to Rzeszów, explore the capital of the Subcarpathian region and then head out into the gorgeous surrounds for sightseeing, hiking, fly fishing and a range of other fantastic activities. With frequent flights from the UK, excellent prices on luxury hotels and low car hire costs it’s time to get your adventure on!

To help keep things easy, we’ve compiled a list of insider tips telling you what to do and what to see to really make the most of your trip:

Rzeszów Tip no. 1: Book a luxury hotel room

It may seem like a simple thing to say, but when you consider how cheap accommodation is in this neck of the woods, you can choose whether you want to sleep on a budget or sleep like royalty. Budget accommodation is cheap enough, for instance at the Best Western PLUS Ferdynand Hotel prices start at £21 per night, but it’s the latter category that should really pique your interest.

bristol rzeszow
Bristol Tradition And Luxury © Leonardo

Book a FlightBook a Hotel

✈24th – 27th March: Flights from London starting at £59
+ Bristol Tradition and Luxury starting at £145
= £131.50 per person

At Grand Hotel Boutique you can find rooms with a private sauna, as well as indoor pool and a gym. Prices from 24th to 27th of April start at £55 per night.

grand hotel boutique rzeszow
Grand Hotel Boutique Rzeszow © Leonardo

Book a FlightBook a Hotel

✈28th – 31st March: Flights from London starting at  £48
+ Grand Hotel Boutique starting at £193 pounds
= £144.50  per person

Rzeszów Tip no. 2: Pre-hire a car

Being mobile in South-East Poland only costs about 20 quid a day, and you can pick your motor up directly at the airport. Making a reservation from the UK is a good idea as it’s easier to add any insurance or special requests – baggage room SUV vs. Mini, etc. – online than negotiating with the vendor at the airport directly.

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Rzeszów Tip no. 3: Take a stroll

The city Rzeszów has about 185,000 inhabitants, and while parts of the city are based in industry, the idyllic old town is quaint and charming. Rzeszów is a city with excellent bars and restaurants, and the traditional Polish food is a real treat. Take a stroll through the square and try the delicious range of homemade pierogis at Confitura, or a hearty Żurek -sourdough bread soup – at nearby Ambasadorski.

Rzeszów Tip no. 4: Go down(under)town

A trip back in time is available most days in Rzeszóws market square, where ancient cellar vaults from the middle ages were renovated, connected and made accessible to the public 15 years ago. At almost 400 meters long and traversing depths of up to ten meters into the earth a visit is well worthwhile. The medieval tunnels are open from 10am-6pm Tuesday through Friday and from 11am-6pm weekends. Admission is only 6.50 złoty – about £1.20 – but booking must be made in advance due to the limited capacity. Tours in English are offered.

rzeszow market square

Rzeszów Tip no. 5: An opulent castle straight out of a fairytale

You couldn’t have seen these splendid walls just a short time ago, as Łańcut Castle was reopened just a few months after a long restoration. It is only a short distance away by car (17 km) from Rzeszów and is one of the most important Baroque castles in Eastern Europe. Even the names of the august rooms in the main building paint a picture of lushness before you even seen them: there’s the Chinese Apartment, the Zodiac Room, the Turkish Apartment, the Columned Salon, and the Rococo Salon. After being deafened by cries of awe and sharp intakes of breath people emit upon seeing such opulence, you might need a relax in the lush castle grounds.

rzeszow landshut castle
©Lestat (Jan Mehlich)/Wikimedia Commons

Rzeszów Tip no. 6: Howl with the wolves

Rzeszów is the springboard to the Podkarpackie Province, a name I’m sure you’re all totally familiar with after reading all about it in the intro to the piece. Something that you most probably haven’t heard in your lifetime, though, is the howling of wolves in the night. In the foothills of the Carpathians you have a brace of villages scattered around and through national parks like the Magura Park, just over 100 kilometres from Rzeszów – Info: http://www.magurskipn.pl/en – the villages themselves are a snapshot of a different time, complete with horse-drawn carts, bakeries generations old and traditional clothing.

rzeszow podkarpackiez

Magura Park has plenty of different trails which can be accomplished on foot, by bike or even by horse, as well a being home to vast amounts of flora and fauna. This area is not just the domain of wolves, but it also plays home to wild cats, lynxes, bears, and Bison. Don’t worry, the Podkarpackie Province is safe as houses, but if you are lucky enough to hear the pack howling at night you’re guaranteed to get a shiver down your spine and a breakout of goosebumps.

Rzeszów Tip no. 7: The conquered fortress

Take a drive to the charming city of Przemyśl where good food and beautiful architecture meets gorgeous scenery and a small but thriving cultural scene. The second oldest city in the South, it is cemented in history, literally, and its main attraction is one with a darker history. Due to advances in artillery technology in the late 19th century, Przemyśl was converted into one of the most powerful forts in Europe and successfully operated as a bulwark against a Russian siege in WW1.

rzeszow przemysl
©MSK Photography/Shutterstock.com

A second siege eventually overcame the might fortifications a year later. From the once 45 kilometer-long ring of 42 stations, two forts remain and have been converted into museums. Even the most avid of history buffs will be sobered learning about the lives of the brave soldiers that once protected this place.

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Rzeszów Tip no. 8: Take me to church

Granted, some people make the comparison with it a barn on first glance – but the curves of the wooden Gothic church of Haczów starts to make sense once you look on a little longer and it’s alien beauty quickly becomes apparent. It’s also the oldest and largest of its kind with a good part of the construction dating back to the 15th century. Since 2003 it has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. The Gothic fresco of the Madonna in the interior is a more intimate reflection of the grandeur of the outside.

Rzeszów Tip no. 9: San River fishing

The river San is the 6th longest in Poland and acts as the border between Poland and the Ukraine for its first 50 kilometres. It is located in a picturesque landscape, is just over an hours drive from Rzeszów, and is a summer paradise for bathers and sailors, and most importantly, some would say, fly fishing.

The river San is the 6th longest in Poland and acts as the border between Poland and the Ukraine for its first 50 kilometres. It is located in a picturesque landscape, is just over an hours drive from Rzeszów, and is a summer paradise for bathers and sailors, and most importantly, some would say, fly fishing.

Rzeszów Tip no. 10 Slalom the valley

There are, of course, also several slopes and ski or snowboard runs in the Podkarpackie Province, especially in the ‘winter capital’ of Ustrzyki Dolne, a resort which lies at 460 meters and offers access to several ski stations. The ski runs start at a maximum of 750 meters above sea level and come in a variety of difficulty levels.

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