QUIZ: What holiday should you book based on your travel year so far?

Like any avid traveller, you probably spend a fair amount of time thinking about the next place on your ever-expanding bucket list.

Whether it’s sneakily searching for flights on KAYAK (where else?) during that boring Monday meeting, or scrolling through your wanderlusty Instagram feed on the bus home, you’ve always got travel at the forefront of your thoughts.

And no matter if you’ve spent the year crisscrossing the globe or you’ve hardly travelled at all, there’s no better time than now to plan your next holiday. That’s where we come in. Tell us about your travel year and we’ll tell you where you really need to visit next. We dare you not to do a flight search when we’ve found your ideal destination.


First things first. Have you actually been on holiday this year?

What’s the average amount of time you’ve spent abroad this year?

How far have you travelled this year?

How many new places have you ticked off this year?

Who has been your top travel companion?

Let’s talk planning. How far in advance did you book you latest trip?

How much research did you do before you got on the plane?

What sort of accommodation have you stayed in on your travels?

What’s been the most important factor for you when choosing a destination?

QUIZ: What holiday should you book based on your travel year so far?
Hong Kong

It’s clear you crave adventure. You haven’t stopped planning trips all year. You need your next destination to overwhelm your senses and offer unlimited opportunities to discover new hidden gems. Go from historic temples to glitzy malls to unbridled natural surroundings all in one day - Hong Kong’s clash of modernity, nature and culture offers just that. Search for flights to Hong Kong now and make it happen.
Sri Lanka

You’ve seen some new places this year but are still wanting to plan that big trip. Head to Sri Lanka, where, in just a couple weeks, you can go from its bustling culture-capital, Kandy, to its verdant hill country, before making your way to one of the many idyllic coastal towns. Search for flights to Colombo, the capital, and plan your route from there.

You’re craving a break to somewhere new and exciting, but maybe not anywhere too far away. Croatia offers so much for new and returning visitors alike. Head to Zagreb, this still underrated capital is packed with galleries, parks and attractions. Or fly to Split if you want to party with a side of ancient Roman ruins. Failing that, book flights to Dubrovnik to snap that iconic sea view.

You’ve left your holiday planning a little late this year. We get it, it’s easily done. And you aren’t one to book an impulsive flight half way across the world. Lucky for you, there are plenty of places you can head for a last-minute adventure here in Europe, and Rome is an exciting option. Book yourself a flight to Italy’s capital and spend a long weekend getting your culture fix at galleries and museums. Or just spend your time sipping espressos, scoffing gelato and dining on amazing Italian cuisine. Go on, you deserve it.

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