What are Hacker Fares?

So… just what are Hacker Fares?

We’re glad you asked!

Hacker Fares are one of the nifty ways we here at KAYAK can help you save on your travels.

When you search for roundtrip flights with us, we don’t limit your results to a single airline for both flights. Not if flying with two different airlines will save you money. Our smart technology will put together the best outbound and return flights, even if they are with different airlines.

Just think of us a kind of airline matchmaker, finding you the ultimate roundtrip duo.

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But just how do you find a Hacker Fare?

First off, head on over to KAYAK.co.uk and type your departure airport and destination into the search bar. Add your dates (or if you’re not set on when to go, give Flexi Dates a try) and then run your search.

If there is a Hacker Fare, you’ll see it clearly identified under the price.

Hit the “View Deal” button to start the booking process. A pop up will appear that will show you step by step instructions on how to book both flights.

Just be sure that prices for both tickets are available before booking. To do this, open each booking page in a new tab and double-check the price and availability. Book and you’re good to go.

Hacker Fares aren’t always the cheapest way to fly, but if they are, we’ll make sure they are displayed first when you search.

So go on, give it a try.

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