App Updates In Time for the Holidays

At KAYAK, we understand how subtle product improvements can make a huge difference to our users. Just in time for the holiday travel season, we released a number of new updates to our iOS and Android mobile apps to make the travel booking and management experience that much better.

Let’s start with the updates we’ve made to Trips, our itinerary management tool. You’re now able to edit itineraries, view trips that have been shared with you by family and friends and send automatic pick-up/arrival notifications via email and/or SMS to friends and family.

We’re also happy to announce an improved hotel booking interface for last minute hotel rooms. Our iOS app now features one page checkout with special tonight only rates on the iPad. Our Android app also now includes tonight-only hotels and the hotels near me feature.

And if your sled is out of commission this year and you need to book a rental car, you can now do so directly with KAYAK through our mobile app.

Oh and before we forget, if you’re using the iOS version of the app, we’ve integrated Passbook for a more streamlined airport check-in process. You can also save searches in Reminders so you never miss your trip home for the holidays again.

The iOS update is available on iPhone and iPad and Android app updates are available on Android 5.3 phones and tablets.

Passbook2 Passbook1