Saying Cheese: What do our holiday photos say about us?

Young Adults take 19 selfies a day on holiday, in some cases spending over an hour getting the perfect shot

To coincide with the launch of’s “Travel Pro” campaign in collaboration with world-renowned photographer Mattias Klum, the travel search engine asked Brits about their holiday photography habits


  • Those under 35 upload photos to social media twice a day on average whilst on holiday
  • British adults take an average of 21 photos a day while on holiday
  • A quarter get annoyed with their travel partner for taking too
  • many photos
  • 14% agree that other people’s travel photos on social media inspire and make them want to travel more

London, February 12: The amount of photos Brits take on holiday is increasing dramatically – led by young adults taking an average of 51 photos and 19 selfies a day. But they’re not always happy to wait around for their travel partner to do the same, according to new research from travel search engine

Snap-happy Brits take 21 photos a day on average while on holiday

On average, British take 21 photos a day on holiday – but those aged 18-24 take a huge 51 shots a day – adding up to over 350 photos for a 7-day break.

But what happens to these hundreds of photos once the holiday is over? Nearly one in ten  (9%) say they never look at those photos again. On the other hand, 32% share them with family and friends and 23% upload them to social media when back. Just a fifth (21%) say they print their photos out now. However, despite the rise of social media, Brits under 35 are more likely to print out photos than the older generation, with 27% of those aged under 35 saying they print out their favourite snaps, compared to just 17% of those aged 55 and over.

Brits aren’t camera shy

It appears that British adults aren’t shy in front of their own camera, with 42% of respondents admitting they take at least one selfie per day on holiday. Young adults (18-24 year olds) take the most on average, at 19 a day, followed by 9 a day for 25-34. A further 6% in this age group admit that they have spent over an hour trying to get the perfect selfie on holiday.

However, some Brits’ quest to get the perfect holiday shot doesn’t always go down well with travel companions. In total 23% get annoyed with their partner for their photography habits on holiday – with 10% getting annoyed with their travel partner specifically for taking too many selfies.

The social media effect

British adults appear to love keeping those back home up to date with their holiday adventures. On average, those under 35 post photos on social media twice a day whilst on holiday. The research also found that 14% of respondents agree that other people’s photos on social media inspire and make them want to travel more, however, 8% find that other’s photos make them feel jealous.

So what are Brits using to capture their holiday moments?

As the quality of smartphone cameras creeps ever-upwards, they are unsurprisingly a popular choice for taking photos, but Brits are increasingly investing in more expensive equipment – with 15% now owning a professional DSLR-style camera and camera equipment worth over £500.

Mattias Klum, award-winning photographer and filmmaker, comments: ‘Photography allows us to share incredible travel moments with other people. I really believe that this can inspire and encourage a greater understanding of our amazing world, so it’s exciting to see the trend that young people are looking to others’ photos for travel inspiration, and sharing their own more than ever’.

Neil Cartwright, travel expert at KAYAK, comments: We know that how we choose to record and share our holiday experiences is changing rapidly, so it’s fascinating to dig in deeper and find out just how important some aspects of travel photography are for Brits. There’s a clear trend for travellers to take hundreds of photos and share their experiences instantly, thanks to the ease of smartphones and social media, but it’s great to see that people are looking to social media for travel inspiration too. At KAYAK we hope this sharing can give others the confidence to explore places that may not have even crossed their minds before’.

Note to editors: The data is taken from a survey of 1000 respondents in the UK aged 18 years and over, between 28.12.17 – 03.01.18.