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Go on the adventure of a lifetime to the Islands in Italy

When it comes to islands in Italy, you are spoilt for choice. Ideal if you’re looking for a beach break, a hiking holiday, or some rest and relaxation, there is something for everyone. Read on to find out our tips and tricks for an Italian escape.
Aleksandra Sowa

Check out our top things to do in Athens for your holiday

Take a trip back in time with these things to do in Athens. Choose from ancient relics, historical architecture, and sublime scenery as you navigate your way around the iconic Greek capital. Read on to find out about our tips and tricks on making your holiday one to remember.
Aleksandra Sowa

A snapshot of the best beaches in Greece

The best beaches in Greece have to include the fabled Greek Islands too. Some of the country's very best beaches are here. It's the place to come for those picture-perfect Mediterranean beaches with glistening white sands and crystal-clear water. You'll also find more exotic beaches, with black volcanic sand ground down over many centuries.
Aleksandra Sowa

The ultimate Venetian Gondola experiences

One of the most iconic and romantic images in the world must be of a Venetian gondola, complete with a gondolier serenading a couple along a canal. Gondolas were once the main mode of transport in Venice (especially for the upper classes) and remain one of the best ways to view this magical city. A dying trade, mostly passed down from father to son, it’s believed there are now less than 100 gondolas still left.
Aleksandra Sowa

The best beaches in Portugal

Snorkel with the sea life, surf in the sunset and hike the hills. We have collected some of the best beaches in Portugal and where to find them.
Allan Kortbæk

A guide to exploring Italy by Train

Boasting some of Europe’s fastest trains, it’s easy to travel around Italy by train, discovering a country steeped in history, culture, food and wine, not to mention spectacular views.
Fie Kornum

What to do in Milan for 3 days: Ideas for a long weekend

As one of Europe’s most popular cities, Milan offers a potent blend of culture and history. With an exhaustive number of churches, museums, parks, and other attractions, the city draws tourists by the million each year with many repeat visitors. There’s much to pack into a short trip, so we’ve complied a shortlist of ‘What to do in Milan over 3 days’, which will help you navigate this visually stunning city by day and at night.
Aleksandra Sowa

See our list of most beautiful places in Italy for a holiday to remember

Take a look at our list of the most beautiful places in Italy and prepare to be amazed. Whether it’s stunning cities, beautiful beaches or lovely lakes, Italy offers the lot. Read on to find out more ahead of your visit to Italy.
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Your top guide to Italy in summer

When it comes to travel guides for Italy in summer, we have got you covered. We have all the inside knowledge and tips you need to enjoy a great summer holiday, so sit back, relax and plan your perfect summer trip to Italy.
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