Destination: stag / hen do

Ah, the destination stag or hen do, nothing builds a ‘frenemy’ faster, short of your best friend announcing their surprise wedding on the other side of the world. If you’ve recently travelled to join in the mayhem, it’s not surprising, as new research reveals that a whopping 40% of all stag and hen dos for Brits now take place abroad. Here we dish the dirt on bachelor/ette parties and give you tips for your own, so all you have to focus on is maintaining your dignity.

Where Brits go

With its sunnier climate, it’s not surprising that Spain is the number one choice for Brits’ overseas stag and hen dos (19%). The Czech Republic is also a popular destination for stags and hens to suspend good judgement and make questionable decisions, with 5% heading there. A polite reminder ladies and gentlemen: despite how you may feel, being overseas does not make you invincible.

How much Brits spend

The modern stag or hen do is quite an undertaking and the stag or hen night appears to be a thing of the past. These excursions now last two nights on average, with overseas events stretching to three. We think this kind of insight deserves a poor attempt at a hashtag – #stagventure or #adhenture, anyone?

The price of a stag or hen do is no joke; however, costing £492 per person on average. The research reveals that 29% of stag or hen do attendees have had to forgo another holiday with family or friends to cover these costs. But can you really put a price on the experience of wandering around the streets of Barcelona, arm-in-arm in animal onesies, or of telling the hen just how much she means to you after a karaoke duet of TLC’s Waterfalls?

What Brits disclose

And how do we explain this organised chaos to our loved ones? The research shows that men are far more likely to tell their partner fibs about what they get up to while away – 52% have done so, compared to just 29% of women. The ‘behaviour of friends’ is the thing men are most likely to lie to their partner about (24%), followed by their ‘own behaviour’ (19%). A huge 60% of stag and hen party guests admit that they get carried away when it comes to their spending. So much so that 18% admit they have lied to their partner about the amount that they spent on a stag or hen do.

Hack your do

To help keep costs in check and to make planning your next stag or hen do a breeze, our travel nerds at have a few handy travel hacks:

  • Try KAYAK Explore to help you find out where you can go and for how much – it’s great for solving the “where to” problem.
  • Try setting your date as early as possible and use Price Alerts to keep an eye out for great flight and hotel deals.
  • Organising stag and hen dos can be like herding cats, so try Trips to save and share events with the group. That way, no one has an excuse for not being at the airport on time. Unless, of course, they’re still tied up somewhere.