11 emerging travel destinations you have to visit in 2018

The word ‘emerging’ can have different meanings to different people

If you like capital cities and bustling beach destinations then anywhere slightly off-the-grid could be ‘emerging’ to you. Similarly, if you’re a seasoned traveller used to discovering hidden gems in obscure towns, then ‘emerging’ has to be totally unheard of to you.

When we think of emerging destinations, we think of places just about to hit that all-important status as a place you should see before it becomes overrun with snap-happy tourists. So, we’ve found 7 emerging travel destinations we think you should visit in 2018, while they’re still relatively untouched.

1. An Up and Coming Tourist Destination: Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

Kutna Hora skull church

An alternative Czech destination, Kutna Hora © Halilcan/eyeem.com

Visitors to the Czech Republic flock to Prague and Brno for cheap beer, good history, and culinary treats. However, travellers may find themselves packed in like sardines as these destinations become increasingly popular. Kutná Hora is the ‘national treasure’ of the Czech Republic. Famous for its gorgeous gothic architecture, replica medieval mine harking back to its affluent silver mining days, and the Sedlec Ossuary, a chapel adorned with (real) human skeletons. Kutná Hora is an overlooked gem that will soon be on everyone’s next ‘must see destination’ list.

2. A French Dream Holiday Awaits in Caen, France

Caen green space by church

Discover Caen in 2018 © Michele Gestra/eyeem.com

Home to William the Conqueror, Caen is a Norman city that blends the modern and the historical with an easy-going French flourish. Expect picture-perfect fairytale like days out. Enjoy a sweet delicacy from one of the pâtisseries on the narrow cobbled streets, taste locally brewed cider, and finish off by lounging in the La Colline aux Oiseaux – a mosaic of tranquil gardens. Tick this one off the list before it becomes a bustling tourism destination.

3. Take a Breather in Bequia, The Grenadines

bequia coast seafront

A hidden gem in the Grenadines © lerich/istockphoto.com

Bequia may only be 7 square miles, but it’s considered to be one of the most up and coming tourist destinations in 2018. Often overshadowed by its most famous Caribbean siblings (St. Lucia, Antigua etc.), Bequia is the perfect island getaway with pristine beaches, affordable accommodation and a slow way of life for the ultimate lazy holiday.

4. The Next Emerging Destination is Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana bridge river with people kayaking

The capital city of Slovenia, ljublijana is emerging© traveldudes/pixabay.com

The pedestrianised capital city of Slovenia looks like Prague at a certain angle, Timisoara at another, and Berlin in a certain light. This emerging destination is an underrated gem and serves up cultural, fashion, history, and foodie delights in vast quantities – easy enough for any seasoned traveller to enjoy. Make sure you stop by the Central Market and have a gander at the fresh fruit, cured meat and flowers on display.

5. Discover the Offbeat Ischia, Italy

Caen France green space church

Discover Caen in 2018 © Michele Gestra/eyeem.com

  Accommodation in Ischia

Less famous than its Bay of Naples sister island, Capri, Ischia is a favourite amongst savvy travellers who make the journey for its thermal spas, beaches and authentic cuisine. Also known as the ‘green island’, Ischia is covered with sprawling vineyards, gardens, and picturesque villages brimming with Italian small-town culture. So grab a chair at one of the many stunning coastline bars before this up and coming destination is world-famous.

6. Most Trending Destination in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stari Most Mostar from above

The famous Stari Most © emirdzanan/istockphoto.com

Mostar has been reborn and has risen from the ashes in past decade. The Stari Most, a famous Ottoman bridge, was rebuilt nearly 11 years after its destruction along with other parts of the city. Mostar is now an emerging destination, and since the end of the war, every effort has been made to return the lively and beautiful destination to what it once was, meaning there’s no better time to visit than right now. Make sure you walk alongside The Neretva river that runs underneath the aforementioned Stari Most, you’ll find perfect greenery for a stroll.

7. Breaking New Ground in Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku flame building towers

Baku should be your next holiday © Ilkin Zeferl/shutterstock.com

Don’t discount this new travel hotspot, Baku is an interesting mash-up of east and west modernist styles, coupled with a UNESCO-listed Old City, and a range of historical and cultural feats. It’s also an underrated budget destination with 1 Azerbaijani Manat equaling about 44p, meaning travellers can eat like kings without any guilty bank-balance feelings.

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