Aching to get away, but your piggy bank’s empty? Don’t despair, there are plenty of cheap holiday destinations to visit. While everything might seem expensive right now, travel is still possible even for those on a strict budget. Take a look at these 21 hand-picked cheap holiday destinations taking food, drinks and flights into consideration.

A female bartender serves various drinks to the customers in the bar.
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Four people walking across a cobbled market square, passing by quaint shops.

Cheapest holiday destinations in Europe

While Eastern Europe is often one of the cheapest places to go on holiday, there are plenty of other places to add to your itinerary. Want sunshine or snow? Culture or dramatic views? Take your pick of the following affordable European gems.

1. Galicia, Spain

A white sand beach with boats and people is seen at the base of a lush, forested hill.

Okay, I know Spain doesn’t seem like much of a secret budget holiday destination these days. However, turn your gaze towards the north-western coast where the autonomous region of Galicia has largely escaped the attention of the British holidaymakers. And flights cost as little as £30.

With a cliff-hewn coast recalling the majesty of the Norwegian fjords, weather reminiscent of an Italian spring and coffee/beer prices so low you’ll think it’s the 90’s, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Sounds fishy? You bet – Galicia is known for its seafood, caught and delivered straight from net to table.

In terms of somewhere to stay, have a look at hotels in Vigo, a romantic old provincial capital on a hillside that’ll remind you of San Francisco. Its harbour district is charming and well-stocked with cafés and bars.

  • Best time to visit: April to October for clear, sunny days
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £2.15
  • Price of a cappuccino: £1.30
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £8.60
  • Free activities: Hiking along the Camino de Santiago, lazy days on As Catedrais Beach, the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela and Muralla Romana de Lugo.

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2. Golden Sands, Bulgaria

A beach with artificial breakwaters and a cluster of buildings perched on forested hills.

If you’re looking for a cheap beach holiday, you can’t go wrong with Bulgaria‘s Black Sea resort of Golden Sands. Reminiscent of Croatia with its terracotta-tiled rooftops and sandy beaches, Golden Sands proudly holds a Blue Flag resort badge for its clean beaches.

Beautiful yachts bob in the marina and there is a cool and eclectic vibe at the beachside clubs. Generally, a beer or a coffee will set you back under £2, while a large bottle of water is about 75p. Hotels are also cheap and start from as low as £20 a night. There are often drink deals available at most bars too. If you’re after a larger party scene, head to Sunny Beach which is similar price-wise.

  • Best time to visit: June to September
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £1.75
  • Price of a cappuccino: £1.50
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £6.60
  • Free activities: Walk along the 4 km promenade, chill out on the beach or enjoy the Golden Sands Nature Park.

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3. Palma, Mallorca

A calm blue sea surrounded by lush green rocky mountains, blue skies and white clouds.
A woman in a pink dress looks at her friends down the beach with white sand and clear waters.
A large mediaeval cathedral with several spires on its top and side walls, surrounded by buildings, can be seen across a tranquil lake.

Mallorca can sometimes feel like Europe’s biggest amusement park for grown-ups. Even if you’re travelling on a budget, you don’t need to feel like you’re missing out here.

How about this for a day out? Take a morning climb up the craggy rocks of Sa Gubia, then cool off on the beach at Cala Mayor before grabbing a bite and a pint at the Bar Joan Frau in Palma. In the afternoon, venture to the east coast for some snorkelling at Cala Santenyí, before rounding off the day in Palma’s lively Santa Catalina district.

If you’re looking for a cheap, hot holiday, this is it.

  • Best time to visit: May to September
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £2.50
  • Price of a cappuccino: £2.20
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £11.60
  • Daily activities: Sunbathing, snorkelling or hiking.

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4. Sarandë, Albania

Saranda's city port at ionian sea. Albania.

Located along Albania‘s Riviera, Sarandë is emerging as a vibrant new tourist destination for those on a show-string budget. Formerly a quiet fishing village, Sarandë is growing in popularity due to its stunning climate with no less than 300 sunny days per year. The beaches are pristine and you can eat freshly caught fish for just a few Euro.

Its location near Corfu means you’ll find Greek influences everywhere, you can do a day trip there too if you want. Just south of the town, you’ll find Ksamil Beach. Nicknamed ‘the Ionian Pearl’, it’s home to the most crystal clear waters around. Nearby Mirror Beach is lovely, too. You won’t be short of stunning sunbathing spots!

Top tip: two hours north of Sarandë you’ll find the stunning Llogara National Park, which Julius Ceasar famously passed through on his way to Pompey in 48 BC.

  • Best time to visit: April to October
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £2
  • Price of a cappuccino: £1.30
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £5.80
  • Free activities: Go for a stroll on Hasan Tahsini Boulevard. This beautiful pedestrian seaside walkway lies on the north shore of the little bay of Sarandë. You can also visit Lekuresi Castle’s ruins for free.

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5. Skopje, North Macedonia

A woman aboard a cable car staring out the window with a camera.

Arguably the cheapest country in Europe, North Macedonia is emerging as a popular tourist destination. If you like exploring and being active then Skopje, the capital city, is a great option.

There are archaeological sites, fortresses, historical monuments, and caves to walk around. Hike to the Mountain of Vodno for the best view of the city! Also, take time to walk across the Stone Bridge to Macedonia Square and hang out.

It’s also well worth the short 15 kilometre journey to stunning Matka Lake for a leisurely walk (or you can take a boat trip if your cash stretches far enough). In the Matka Canyon, you’ll find medieval monasteries and exciting caves to explore.

  • Best time to visit: April to September
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £1.70
  • Price of a cappuccino: £1.40
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £5.50
  • Free activities: Visit the memorial house of Mother Teresa and take a trip to Fortress Kale.

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6. Kotor, Montenegro

A serene bay reflects the image of a pointed tower and a cluster of waterfront buildings.
A rear view of a woman walking on a cobbled alleyway alongside the stone houses.
A woman in an orange dress smiling while holding a camera against a backdrop of a seaside town.

If you’re a fan of Croatia, then Montenegro should be next on your go-to list. These two countries are very similar, apart from the prices which are far lower in Montenegro. Flights to Tivat, three miles from Kotor, are available direct from the UK. Or you can fly into Podgorica (an hour and a half away) for slightly less money.

The picturesque coastal town of Kotor is the most beautiful town in Montenegro with a real fairy-tale charm about it. The Medieval Old Town is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site; explore narrow winding streets high in the hills or stroll around the beautiful Bay of Kotor.

If you enjoy hiking, you’ll be in dreamland here with amazing landscapes to admire along the way – think lakes, alpine forests and ice caves.

  • Best time to visit: May to September
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £2.60
  • Price of a cappuccino: £1.70
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £8.60
  • Free activities: Walk around the Bay of Kotor and admire the boats and cruise ships. Visit the historic Piazza of the Arms with its palaces or take a trip to the beach.

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7. High Tatras, Slovakia

A river's glassy waters mirroring the high mountains looming over it.

A fan of the great outdoors and looking for an active holiday? Consider the High Tatras region which is very affordable and jam-packed with amazing hiking and climbing opportunities.

Located nearly entirely within the borders of Slovakia, it’s the smallest alpine mountain range in the world – but with 30 stunning peaks. Tall mountains, low prices: in the High Tatras, alpine views are ten a penny. It’s no cakewalk out here mind you; you’ll encounter steep climbing walls up to 900 metres high, as well as hundreds of miles of winding trails bursting with wildlife. You might even spot a bear if you’re lucky.

  • Best time to visit: June to September for beautiful hiking opportunities, December to April for skiing
  • Price of a beer (domestic): 70p
  • Price of a cappuccino: £1.70
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £8.60
  • Free activities: Walking, hiking and lots of climbing.

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8. Warsaw, Poland

A man rides a scooter in a cobbled square along colourful buildings.
A promenade on a lush green riverbank with stairs descending to the water with several boats and cafes on the tents.
The clusters of compact buildings on the river bank linked through a bridge.

Poland’s capital is considerably cheaper to fly to than Europe’s other capital cities, with flights from £25. Often overlooked in favour of Krakow, Warsaw is ideal if you’re looking for an edgier experience.

With its cobbled streets and historical architecture and monuments, the old town looks like something out of a fairytale. In contrast, the Praga district looks like it’s still stuck in the 1940s with bullet holes in the walls and dark, winding alleys. Another contrast is the very modern business district, with a cool, cosmopolitan vibe.

One must do in Warsaw? Sample the famous Polish dumplings, locally called pierogi (which are pretty cheap and infinitely delicious).

  • When to visit: Between June and August
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £3
  • Price of a cappuccino: £2.70
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £7.90
  • Free activities: Visit the Warsaw Rising Museum or walk the Royal Route from Warsaw’s Old Town to the Baroque mansion of Wilanow. Check out the 15th-century Royal Castle, the King Zygmunt III Waza Column, and the Presidential Palace.

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9. Vienna, Austria

Two women looking around the area as they walk along the sidewalk.

With flights from just £24 Vienna is one of the cheapest places to fly to in Europe and one of the region’s most beautiful cities. It’s a gorgeous place to walk around, so it’s no wonder that it’s previous residents included classical music pioneers Mozart and Beethoven.

As well as baroque and medieval architecture, you’ll find stunning outdoor spaces. Don’t miss the sprawling gardens at Belvedere Palace Gardens which are free to visit.

A city rich in culture and live music opportunities, you can visit most of Vienna’s museums for free or see a show for a small fee. Take a walk along the Danube and enjoy a coffee and a buttery pastry in one of the citiy’s famous coffee shops. If you fancy burning off the pastry, rent a public bike (the first hour is free).

There are two very different vibes to the city, from the calming quintessential summer atmosphere to the busy festive season. Both are brilliant times to visit, with options to suit every budget.

  • Best time to visit: May to October for beautiful skies or November/December for festive delights
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £3.90
  • Price of a cappuccino: £3.15
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £12.90
  • Free activities: Visit St Stephen’s Cathedral and its magnificent tiled roof. Climb to the top of the spire and take in the city from above. The Summer Night Concert is a special occasion performed annually – for free – at the UNESCO World Heritage Schönbrunn Palace. There’s also the free Rathaus film festival in July and the Festive Market at Karlsplatz in December.

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10. Berlin, Germany

A blonde woman smiles while holding a bottle of beer as she dances with her friends in an open air nightclub.
Two friends, one with orange hair and the other with long colourful earrings, smile as they look at a smartphone.
Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) on Museum island and Spree river at sunset, Germany

If you’re looking for a city break with lots of things to do at a budget price, Berlin is the place to go. Start your day with window shopping at the boutiques and vintage stores on Torstrasse in Mitte, then use your pocket change for a cheap lunch in Friedrichshain, Neukölln, or Kreuzberg.

Later on, visit one of the city’s many famed techno clubs. Top picks include Club der Visionaere, Zur Wilde Renate, Klunkerkranich or Katerblau.

In Berlin, anything is possible, and it’s often free as well. A walk along the well-marked Berlin Wall path won’t cost you a thing. Berlin has more bridges than Venice so it’s an interesting place to wander around. What’s more, eating out is much more affordable than in other European cities such as Amsterdam or Rome.

  • Best time to visit: The summer for sun, outdoor drinking, boat trips and more
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £3.90
  • Price of a cappuccino: £3
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £10.30
  • Free activities: Check out amazing views from the top of the Reichstadt. Visit the iconic Brandenburg Gate and the UNESCO-protected Museum Island. Many museums are free on the first Sunday of the month, too.

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11. Riga, Latvia

A vibrant market square with flower stands and vividly coloured buildings.

Latvia used to be associated with grey, gloomy, post-Soviet decay, but in recent years, its capital Riga has become recognised as the beautiful and classy city it’s always been at heart.

In fact, the city has the finest and largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in the world, with over 800 stunning houses. Stroll through the old town to admire the details of its art nouveau facades.

When you get hungry, visit the Central Market. It’s a UNESCO heritage site built inside a complex of former WWI-era zeppelin hangars, where you can sample some local Baltic food. Afterwards, take a walk along the Riga canal which divides the Old Town and the rest of the city.

Want to party without splashing too much cash? Riga’s nightlife is considered some of the best in Eastern Europe, with sophisticated bars, restaurants and clubs that open all through the night.

  • Best time to visit: April to October
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £3.45
  • Price of a cappuccino: £2.45
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £10.30
  • Free activities: Visit the Orthodox Cathedral or try The Latvian War Museum. Riga also offers a handful of free walking tours.

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12. Prague, Czech Republic

A captivating aerial top view of a crowd in an old town square encircled by stunning classic buildings featuring red brick roofs.
The iconic Charles Bridge extends over a river teeming with people enjoying a day out on yellow paddle boats, with passenger boats moored on the side, all set against the grandeur of Prague Castle looming in the background.
A wall painted with colourful art and graffiti.

A popular destination for stag parties due to its lively and cheap nightlife, Prague has managed to keep its prices low. Brilliant news for anyone looking for a budget break just a few hours from the UK. Flights cost from as little as £23 and prices in Prague are up to 50% cheaper than in the UK.

The city is steeped in history, is easily walkable and has a multitude of architectural masterpieces. Plus, you have the bonus of being able to eat hearty Czech food and drink, too. Dumplings anyone?

  • When to visit: June to September or December for the Christmas markets
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £2
  • Price of a cappuccino: £2.50
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £8.60
  • Free activities: Most museums and art galleries have free admission all year round, plus there are walking tours. You can visit the grounds of Prague Castle for free, too.

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13. Budapest, Hungary

Two female friends talk while sitting on a pillared balcony's ledge.

Commonly referred to as the ‘Spa Capital of the World’, Budapest is the only remaining capital that is rich in naturally warm thermal waters. Relax after a day of sightseeing or a night of partying – or both – at one of the whopping 118 springs in the city, which are generally inexpensive.

There is a subterranean world of caves under the streets to check out, too. The ones under Buda Castle – a World Heritage Site – are a real adventure. Up above, you can admire the huge Hungarian Parliament Building on the banks of the Danube River, the imposing Great Synagogue, St Stephen’s Basilica, and Fisherman’s Bastion.

You should also make time to visit Margaret Island: a picturesque tranquil, green oasis in the middle of the Danube, with its very own Japanese garden which is free to visit. Also, don’t forget to try the national dish of Hungary – goulash.

  • When to visit: Year round – the city is always beautiful!
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £2.20
  • Price of a cappuccino: £1.80
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £9
  • Free activities: See ancient Roman remains scattered across the city or hike Gellért Hill for amazing views. Chill out with a book at Ervin Szabó Central Library. Take a walk in City Park, stroll around the gardens of the Royal Palace or enjoy free live music at bars across the city.

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14. Le Touquet, France


Be in charge of your own destiny by packing up your car and driving to Northern France. If you book the Eurotunnel in advance – and don’t mind travelling early morning or later in the evening – you can pick up a great deal. Drive an electric vehicle and you don’t even need to worry about fuel prices.

You can grab accommodation fairly cheaply in this seaside town which is often referred to as Le Touquet Paris-Plage. Parisiennes flock here on the weekends during the milder months because it’s a great place to switch off and relax.

It’s home to the largest beach in Europe, with seven kilometres of white sand. Le Touquet is also a great place to go walking in the extensive forests that surround the town. There is a great equestrian and tennis scene if that’s of interest to you, plus kids will love the play parks on the beach.

  • Best time to visit: April to October
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £5
  • Price of a cappuccino: £1.75
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £10
  • Free activities: Spend time on the beach, paddle in the sea or explore the surrounding forests.

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Short-haul cheap holiday destinations outside Europe

Want cheap places to travel outside of Europe but don’t fancy the 8+ hour flight? There are plenty of affordable spots to head to that are a little closer – whether you fancy an affordable five star hotel getaway or a little culture and history.

15. Hurghada, Egypt

Tourists ride on quad bikes, traversing through a vast desert landscape.
A resplendent golden mosque overlooks a tranquil sea dotted with quaint fishing boats.
A woman swimming above a big clump of corals underwater.

When you say Egypt, people automatically think of pyramids, the Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings. What you might not know is that the land of the Pharaohs is also home to some of the most colourful diving sites on Earth – with the beach town of Hurghada, on the Red Sea, chief among them.

As well as marine life, you can see Hurghada’s legendary wreck graveyard of Sha’ab Abu Nuhas. Red Sea diving packages start at 20€ per dive (packages for five days/ten dives). A boat ride away is The Ras Mohammed National Park (there is a small entrance fee) which is considered one of the most spectacular places to view coral reef in the world.

Red Sea diving is a magical experience. A kaleidoscopic array of marine life awaits you just beneath the surface. Temperatures stay balmy even during winter months, so there’s never been a better time to seize your chance.

  • Best time to visit: Between April and October for the highest temperatures
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £1.30
  • Price of a cappuccino: £1.40
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £4
  • Free activities:  Paddle in the water, try snorkelling, relax on Zeytuna beach and visit El Mina Masjid mosque.

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16. Turunç, Turkey

Turunc is popular tourist destination in the Turkey.

While the beaches of the Turkish Riviera can be a little rocky, the sea makes up for it – and then some. If, however, you’d prefer to avoid the swarming masses of Turkey‘s tourist centres, there are plenty of other options worth pursuing. For those after something a bit more romantic that still offers options on the party front, a village like Turunç is a good bet.

Located near, but not too near, the nightlife mecca of Marmaris, Turunç is the perfect place to find a quiet place on the beach. When you’re ready for a bit more action, hop aboard a taxi-boat and in just 30 minutes, you’ll be at the club busting shapes on the floor.

  • Best time to visit: May to October
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £3.40
  • Price of a cappuccino:£1.90
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £5
  • Free activities: Check out the Pazari market on a Monday or visit Sahil Beach which is the best beach in the area and a great place for snorkelling.

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Long-haul cheap holiday destinations

Is 2024 the year you venture a little further afield? You’re in luck as there are heaps of places in Asia, the Caribbean and beyond that won’t break the bank. This includes some seriously stunning all-inclusive resorts where you can soak up the sun in style (and on the cheap).

17. Dominican Republic, The Caribbean

A crowded white sand beach with a cluster of sunbeds along a grove of palm trees beside the crystal-clear turquoise waters.

Take a moment to imagine yourself walking barefoot through powdery white sand. You dip your toes into turquoise blue water and relax in the shade of the tropical palms…

Yes, the Caribbean CAN be an option for a cheap place to travel. Airfare aside, which starts about £300, you can get by on relatively little when you arrive. The Dominican Republic is known mainly as an all-inclusive holiday package destination and there are often some great off-season deals. However, if you’re willing to plan your trip individually, you can save even more money and make your island dreams come true.

  • Best time to visit: From November to April when temperatures and humidity levels are good
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £4
  • Price of a cappuccino: £2
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £8.50
  • Free activities: It’s all about the beaches, really. Try the family-friendly sands of Playa Dorada or the less well-known Macao beach.

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18. Kerala, India

A young woman kayaks through the backwaters of Monroe Island in Kollam District, Kerala, South India.
Brightly painted wooden boats docked on the beach.
Three people in colourful traditional clothes carry packages on their head as they walk towards the verdant tea plantation on the hills.

When planning to visit a faraway destination like India, your flight is always the biggest expense. But the good thing is, once you arrive, you can survive on next to nothing. This means, if time constraints aren’t a factor, it pays to stay!

On the Kerala coast, in northern India, you can eat like a sultan, travel first class on the railways and spend your nights in comfortable hotels, all for very little money.

Often considered one of the ten paradises of the world, I highly recommend staying on a houseboat to soak up the real atmosphere of Kerala. Cruising through the narrow lush green canals from Aleppy, Kochi or Kovalam is a real experience. There are also lots of beaches to explore as well as tea plantations at Munnar and Wayanad.

  • Best time to visit: October to February when the weather is cooler
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £1.40
  • Price of a cappuccino: 85p
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £2
  • Free activities: Visit Kovalam and the stunning Marari beach. Explore Mattupetty Dam or check out some of the many temples including Sree Padmanabhaswamy.

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19. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Sunrise illuminates the bright city streets, with towering buildings against the backdrop of an awakening cityscape.

Cambodia’s capital is fast becoming a prime stop on cheap backpacking trips around Asia – and for good reason. First, taste a mouth-watering Kampot Pepper Crab cooked by a street vendor just steps away from the banks of the Mekong. What’s next: a boat trip or a cocktail? Or why not both?

Later, you can mosey around the markets of Phnom Penh and find a few souvenirs. You can afford it! After all, Cambodia is even cheaper than its neighbours Thailand and Vietnam.

  • Best time to visit: November to May
  • Price of a beer (domestic): 80p
  • Price of a cappuccino: £2.30
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £4
  • Free activities: Feast your eyes on delights at the Phnom Penh night market. Visit the temples of Wat Langka, Wat Kean and Kleang. Stroll along the river and enjoy the Riverside parks.

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20. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A beach along waterfront buildings with a boardwalk towards a sail-like metal structure.
Two women holding hands while walking on a wooden footpath lined with palm trees.
A man stands on a beach under a ring-like rock formation.

Wondering where is the cheapest place to go on holiday all-inclusive? Mexico’s beautiful beach resorts are hard to beat, and can cost as little as £59 per night.

While many of them can get pricey during peak season (or exceptionally busy with party-goers), some are worth having on your radar. This includes Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

The small yet friendly city offers a range of stunning golden sand beaches, plenty of hiking trails and countless dining options. It’s a wonderful place to relax – and you’ll usually find some brilliant all-inclusive hotel deals. Additionally, there are plenty of street markets to sample cheap and delicious Mexican cuisine.

  • Best time to visit: November to January
  • Price of a beer (domestic): £1.80
  • Price of a cappuccino: £2.40
  • Price of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant: £6.50
  • Free activities: Snorkelling; the best spots are Majahuitas Cove and the Marietas Islands. You could also stroll along the Malecon and do some people-watching. Or venture up to the Cerro de la Cruz Lookout for awesome views.

How these destinations were chosen

As a travel writer and all-round travel obsessive, I have travelled all over the world including many budget travel and cheap holiday destinations. I love the challenge of travelling on a budget and am always on the lookout for great deals and more tips on how to save and see the world. The prices used in this article for beer, coffee and meals are sourced from Numbeo, the world’s largest cost-of-living database. References to flight and hotel prices, taken from KAYAK flight and hotel pages, are accurate as of Dec 20, 2023, and are subject to change.

More travel inspiration for 2024

A blonde girl with a brown bag crosses a bridge across a river towards a mountainous area.

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