12 of the most romantic places in the world to propose

The biggest moment of your life deserves a special place to commemorate it

You don’t want your significant other looking around at the guests of your Auntie Jean’s 56th birthday party, before saying, “Really? You thought this was a good time to propose?!” On the other hand, while a movie-or-TV type proposal requires fireworks, horses and elaborate hijinks – but you don’t want to think back on your proposal as a gimmick.

Which is why we’ve compiled the most romantic places in the world to propose. The 12 destinations we’ve picked aren’t the typical cliches but are places where you can make an everlasting memory and somewhere you could even come back to visit on the anniversary.

1. Bow Bridge, Central Park, New York City

Bow Bridge Romantic Proposal

Central Park is a romantic wonderland © John A. Anderson/shutterstock.com

Forgo the typical marriage spot of the Empire State Building that’s bustling with snap-happy tourists and instead head to Bow Bridge in the middle of Central Park. Overlooking The Lake, which is usually home to myriad wildlife and people boating whatever the weather, it’s the perfect picturesque place to take the knee and pop the big question.

KAYAK Tip: To celebrate head to the Tavern on the Green for lunch, an upmarket American institution that’s been open and operating since 1934.

2. Rooftop of Terrass Hotel, Paris

Terrass Hotel View Proposal Romantic

Sip champagne in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower © Escapio/flickr.com

A Paris proposal has been done so many times that romantically-inclined partners could be forgiven for becoming weepy at the mere suggestion of a trip there. Just don’t do it at the Eiffel Tower. A beautiful architectural feat of mankind – yes. A place where you’ll achieve a memorable romantic atmosphere – absolutely not. The rooftop of Terrass Hotel in Montmartre holds such a spectacular view on its 7th floor that you’ll marvel that this excellently rated restaurant has a menu that doesn’t break the bank and it’s still somewhat of a hidden gem.

KAYAK Tip: Fancy spending your whole stay at the Terrass Hotel? This four-star gem is reasonably priced with rooms from £108.

3. The Shard, London

The Shard view Proposal Romantic

Propose with London at your feet © Fred Mouniguet/unsplash.com

London is huge, the boundary is nearly ten times the size of Paris at 1,572 km² and edges New York City by around 300km². So picking a place to propose can be daunting, with the ornate buildings, spectacular parks and romantic history that is present on every corner of the city. So why not see all of London in its full glory? Atop The Shard, the tallest building in the UK. There are six fine-dining restaurants situated between the 31st-52nd floor which serves excellent cuisine and drinks to woo your prospective fiancee.

KAYAK Tip: If you want to go to the very top for the official ‘View from the Shard’ observatory deck then you can book to travel to the awe-inspiring 72nd floor. Perhaps make very sure they’re not afraid of heights first…

4. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher Romantic Proposal

Create the perfect proposal at the Cliffs of Moher © Vincent Guth/unsplash.com

On the southeastern part of Ireland in County Clare is the Cliffs of Moher, 8km of coastline cliffs rise out of the sea to reach towering heights of 214m. An incredibly popular attraction in Ireland, the view is something you’d find hard to achieve anywhere else in the world as you look across the great expanse of ocean. If you want to have some peace while you pop the question then very early in the morning is your best bet, check the Google Places Live function to see when the area gets busy.

KAYAK Tip: For a taste of an authentic Irish village then stay at the Roadford House & Accommodation, only a 1-minute walk from McDermott’s pub in Roadford where the Irish music starts at 9.30 and goes until late.

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5. The Pap of Glencoe, Scottish Highlands

Pap of Glencoe Romantic Proposal

Grab your hiking boots, a bottle of champagne and a ring to hike the Pap of Glencoe © Greg_Men/flickr.com

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than forcing a partner to climb up a mountain, well The Pap of Glencoe is worth the effort. Glencoe itself is one of Scotland’s most historic and, arguably, it’s most beautiful glens. Which is why it’s worth the around-5-hour trek to the top of the most accessible mountain in the region; to propose with the stunning view of Glencoe Village behind you and Lochleven in the distance.

KAYAK Tip: You burned off a lot of calories so treat yourself to some local seafood at the Lochleven Seafood Cafe for some truly excellent fishy fare.

6. Orange Tree Garden Aventine Hill, Rome, Italy

Orange Tree Garden Romantic Proposal

Watch the sunset over Rome in the Orange Tree Garden © Oprea George/shutterstock.com

Trying to propose in Rome is just asking for trouble, whether it’s by the Trevi Fountain ala Roman Holiday or on the Spanish Steps. It’s more likely you’ll hear a ‘mate can you get out of the way, I’m trying to take a selfie’, than a joyful ‘Yes!’ So to escape the majority of the crowds head to The Giardino, or in English, the Orange Garden on Aventine Hill. The perfect place for a bottle of Italian wine, a picnic supper and a ring. Remember to check Google Places Live to see how busy it is.

KAYAK Tip: Experience one of the best views of Rome atop the rooftop of the Raphael Hotel for a celebratory glass of champagne or a cocktail. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can even stay there from £179 per night.

7. Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle Romantic Proposal

Plucked from a romantic fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle is the perfect place to propose © Willian West/unsplash.com

Possibly one of the best examples of Bavaria looking-like-it’s-been-plucked-from-the-pages-of-a-fairytale is Neuschwanstein Castle. Located in the small village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen, this castle is surrounded by dense forest, hiking trails and is one of the most popular destinations along Germany’s ‘Romantic Road’. If you want the full effect, take your partner to the Marienbrücke bridge, just a 15-minute walk away, the 1845 bridge is built right between two sheer cliffs, and it’s where you’ll find the most spectacular view of the castle.

KAYAK Tip: The restaurants around the castle will probably be a tad inflated due to the beautiful location. Instead, head down the road to s’ Wirtshaus im Weinbauer which has a menu of Italian classics, Austrian delicacies and traditional German fare; truly something for everyone, and they speak English too.

8. Imerovigli, Santorini, Greece

Santorini Proposal Romance

A perfect romantic escape for all couples © Sven Hansche/shutterstock.com

Santorini is well known for being the place with the most beautiful sunsets and the most envy-inducing Instagram shots. With only 470 permanent residents, Imerovigli is known for its peaceful tranquillity and its quintessential Greek white and blue-domed buildings – you’re almost spoilt for choice on places to propose! We’d recommend Skaros Rock;, after a mildly challenging walk to a peak you’ll be rewarded with the perfect sunset/rise depending on when you go.

KAYAK Tip: For a real indulgence, and Santorini is the place to be indulgent, then check into the Honeymoon Petra Villas offering spectacular views and rooms from only £164.

Credit: Butch Molyneux The Bulldog

9. Lake of Love, Bruges

Lake of Love Bruges Romantic Proposal

Who could say no at the Lake of Love? © Jon Chica/shutterstock.com

Bruges is like a fairytale and the ‘Lake of Love’ or Minnewater, is an enchanting spot surrounded by greenery and turreted houses – perfect for an idyllic waterside picnic. Legend tells that the lake is named after a young girl called Minna who was in love with a boy from a rival tribe, they were unable to be together, and the girl died from heartbreak. It’s said that if you cross the bridge over the lake and kiss your loved one there, your love will last forever. A perfect intro before popping the question.

KAYAK Tip: Bruges is a fine dining city so you’ll be spoilt for choice when picking the place for a celebratory dinner; the Belgian Pigeon House is an eclectic restaurant which mainly serves… yes, you guessed it, pigeon.

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10. Grotta Palazzese, Polignano A Mare, Italy

Grotta Palazzese Romantic Proposal

The Grotta Palazzese is an institution in Polignano A Mare © dancar/shutterstock.com

Nestled on the Valle d’Itria is Polignano A Mare, a tiny town surrounded by rocky cliff coastlines that are entwined with winding, cobbled streets stuffed with restaurants, bars and other delights. The shining star is without a doubt the world-famous Grotta Palazzese; carved out of limestone rocks with a view of the Adriatic, this restaurant offers an unparalleled dining experience. Dimly lit tables add to the ambience; a storybook way to ask for someone’s hand in marriage and come on, who could say no when you pop the question here?

KAYAK Tip: Lama Monachile is a crystal clear bay surrounded by spectacular sandstone side walls fromwhere you can see the city peeking out; go for an evening stroll, dip your toes in the water and watch the sunset.

11. Northern Lights, Iceland

Northern Light Proposal Romantic Iceland

Chase the Northern Lights before you pop the question © Grant Yip/eyeem.com

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything more memorable than proposing under the Northern Lights in Iceland, but in order to do so, some planning is required. The best time to see the Northern Lights is from September to April when there are clear skies, which means the longer you stay in Iceland, the more chance you’ll have of finding them. Iceland’s tourist board has an excellent guide, but we’d recommend going out to Landmannalaugar, a beautiful nature area which holds geothermal baths as well as prime Northern Light spotting areas.

KAYAK Tip: Want to make it short and sweet? Check out our guide to a 48-hour Road Trip in Iceland.

12. Mljet Island, Croatia

Mljet Island Romantic Proposal

Escape to your own private paradise on Mljet Island © Gery/eyeem.com

Ah, the Dalmatian Coast, where travellers go to soak up the sun, eat great food and drink cheap beverages before exploring the varied islands located off the coast. Mljet Island could arguably one of the least known Croatian islands; much of the island is covered in forests and fields, occasionally dotted with the odd fishing village here and there. Just down from Kortia village is Saplunara, where the beaches of Velika, Mala Saplunara and Blace are surrounded by dense, lush forest. This secluded patch of paradise is easy to enjoy all by yourself, even in the most tourist-heavy months – so wait for the perfect moment and ask the all-important question, ‘Beer?’

KAYAK Tip: For some seafood fare right on the harbour, visit the Tavern Maran for some fresh fish dishes, with the seafront lapping at the shore in front of you.

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