Travel Hacker Guide 2018 Confident travel starts at KAYAK

It’s a new year, it’s a wide world, and you’re itching to go out and see it. That’s why we created the Travel Hacker Guide. It’s got all of our recommendations for where to travel this year, powered by KAYAK booking data, so you can explore, book, and go with confidence.

Top 10 Places To Go

The top 10 places around the world that any traveller should consider in 2018, complete with a year’s worth of airline prices and trending hotels so you can make smart booking decisions.
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Top 10 Budget Destinations

The top 10 cities you can visit from the UK for well below £100. We looked at all the prices for 2018 from searches over the last 12 months and discovered a few classic destinations, plus a few surprises.
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Best time to book

The 10 most popular short and long-haul destinations from the UK along with insights on when to book, when to travel, and how much money you can save.
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