Britons’ Top Journey of Love Destinations

Here at KAYAK we commissioned a study that’s unveiled one in 20 frisky Brits has cheated on their partner whilst on holiday, with Ibiza the most likely location to do the naughty deed.Our study explored Brits’ favourite locations for the different elements of the ‘Journey of Love’, from holiday flings and marriage proposals, to breaking-up with a partner and mending a broken heart. Here’s a quick look at what we discovered...

Mon 27 Jan 2014

Can passengers really get sucked down an airplane toilet? Britain’s biggest flight mysteries demystified

December 17th 2013 marks the 110th anniversary of the first ever flight by the Wright Brothers. To mark this anniversary, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the stranger mysteries associated with flying and unveils the truth behind these myths...

Tue 17 Dec 2013

KAYAK voted the World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website at the World Travel Awards 2013

Christmas came early for us here at KAYAK as we were named the World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website 2013 at the World Travel Awards. We were also shortlisted for the World's Leading Hotel Comparison Website 2013...

Tue 3 Dec 2013

Travel guidance for 2014 FIFA World Cup

Brazil flight and hotel price analysis unveiled by

Mon 2 Dec 2013

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