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Denver International location

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Denver International Airport Address

8500 Pena Blvd
Denver, CO 80249


At 9,927 feet, Leadville, Colorado's airport claims the honor of being the highest airport in the United States. However, while the altitude at Denver International Airport (DIA as it is commonly called) is not nearly so high at 5,141 feet, Denver qualifies as the United States' largest high altitude airport. Denver operates six runways-the longest is 16,000 feet-and can accommodate any commercial aircraft now in service. Opened in 1995, this $5 billion facility occupies 55 square miles of land area, giving it ample room for future expansion.

DIA's main building is the Elrey B. Jeppesen Terminal, readily identifiable by its translucent fiberglass white-peaked roof. Additionally, there are three concourses prosaically named A, B, and C. Denver passengers are served by 22 airlines, including Air Canada, Alaskan Airlines, American, British Airways, Continental, Delta, Frontier, Jet Blue, Lufthansa, Midway, Northwest Airlines, Southwest, United, US Air, and others.

A non-smoking airport, DIA does have two smoking lounges: one by the Aviators Club on Jeppesen Terminal's west side, and the second on the mezzanine level center core of Concourse B. Smoking is OK outside the Terminal, but there is no outside access from the concourses.

WiFi Internet access is available in the Jeppesen Terminal and the three concourses. There are more than 130 access points. To access, activate your computer and connect to the splash page; then follow directions to sign up. Cost is $7.99 for 24 hours.


DIA is a 35-45 minute drive east from downtown Denver. From downtown Denver, it is best reached by going west on I-70 and then taking the Pena Boulevard exit (exit 284 eastbound, exit 285 westbound). Alternatively, it can be reached from I-76 by taking the State Highway East 470 exit. Both lead directly to the airport.

The layout of the Denver International Airport is somewhat unusual, as the three concourses do not connect directly to the Jeppesen Terminal. Instead, an automated train system called the AGTS (Automated Guideway Transit System) transports passenger from the Jeppesen Terminal to the three concourses. Each train-under automatic control-runs in one of two tunnels underneath the airport. There are four trains, which together can move approximately 8,300 passengers per hour in both directions. It takes a train about 11 minutes to complete its 2.4-mile round-trip route. Each trains stops seven times.

In addition to the automated train, a two-level overhead bridge links the Jeppesen Terminal to Concourse A. The top bridge level is limited to use by international arriving passengers to move from their arrival gates to the Immigration and Customs area inside the main Terminal. The lower bridge level is provided to permit domestic passengers to move between Concourse A and the Jeppesen Terminal without taking the automated train.

Jeppesen Terminal

Level 6 - Departures

Jeppesen Terminal's departures are on level 6, with the airline counters distributed between the east and west sides.

Level 5 - Arrivals and Baggage Claim

Baggage Claim is on Terminal Level 5. West side carousels are United, Air Canada, American, and Northwest. All other airline baggage claims are on the East side.

Level 4 - Passenger Pickup

Arriving passengers may be picked up curbside by private cars on Level 4. After first picking up their baggage on Level 4, deplaning passengers may use either the escalator or elevator to go down to Level 4 to catch their ride. Drivers should note that while passenger pickup is allowed, waiting curbside is prohibited, and unattended vehicles will be towed immediately.

Other Facilities- Jeppesen Terminal

In addition to arrivals and departures, Jeppesen Terminal also has bars, restaurants, gift shops, and artwork displays.

Concourses A, B, and C

Each of the three concourses has three levels. These levels are numbered the same across all three terminals. Level B-the lowest level-is where the automated train stops are located. Level 2 is the location of the gates. Level 3 is a mezzanine area.

Concourse A

Concourse A is unique in that it has a fourth level; this is the overhead bridge connecting Concourse A to the Jeppesen Terminal.

Concourse A houses gates A24 to A61. Airlines operating from Concourse A include Frontier, jetBlue, British Airways, Mexicana, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Continental, Great Lakes, Mesa, and Frontier JetExpress.

Concourse B

Concourse B houses gates B15 - B61. Concourse B is dedicated to United Airlines and United Express.

Concourse C

Concourse C houses gates C30 through C49. Airlines located on Concourse C are Big Sky, American, Southwest, Delta, Airtran, Midwest, Northwest, Alaska/Horizon, and U.S. Airways,

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