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Advertise your brand on KAYAK.

Reach the travellers you want, the moment they need you. Amplify your brand to an engaged audience that’s in-market and eager to book.

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Millions of travellers turn to KAYAK every day to find their next destination, flight, hotel, car hire and more. Whether discovering new destinations or looking for a great flight, KAYAK lets them explore ways to experience the world. And as a company of travellers, we know what will capture their attention.

Including 7 brands in our portfolio.


6+ billion

annual searches

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Get in the flow.

The traveller’s journey doesn’t end with booking. Align your brand with those meaningful moments that make every experience one to remember. See how we can help you customise your travel advertising to connect with travellers, no matter where they are.



Leverage discovery tools to influence travel decisions.



Get real-time insights on in-market travellers.



Help empower choice and action when travellers need it most.



Be with travellers as they go – and top-of-mind when dreaming up their next trip.

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Opportunities for engagement

See what opportunities are available to our advertising partners that get you in front of our engaged audience. Check out examples of our ads.

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Let’s get specific about what we can do for your business.

Talk directly to travellers.

Reach travellers looking for you (even if they don’t know it yet).

Get real-time insights on in-market travellers. Customise your campaigns to provide relevant messaging to different traveller segments.

Find your voice — and create inspiring ads that get results.

Using our custom tools and features, build campaigns that drive brand, awareness, performance and more.

Meet travellers where they are.

Take a multi-platform approach, so that you’re where travellers need you most.

Come up with creative solutions.

Drive awareness.

As the OG in travel metasearch, we have years of experience, billions of searches and a wealth of data for you to leverage for your brand.

Maximise performance.

Testing is our middle name. Work with a team that isn’t ‘set it and forget it’. We’ll work with you to help you reach your performance goals.

Accelerate conversions.

They clicked and that’s it, right? Wrong. Get a spectrum of customised tools that continue the conversation.

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