Saint George car hire

Saint George car hire

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Saint George, UT, United States
23 Sep — 30 Sep
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Saint George, UT, United States
Thu 23/9
Thu 30/9
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Pick-up locationSaint George
Hire locations13
Airport locations8

Saint George car hire reviews and directory

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8.1 Excellent (38 reviews)
3 locations in Saint George
Locations in Saint George
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Recent reviews
1.9 Horrible6 Sep 2021
The car I rented broke down after two days of travel and it took all day to get a replacement. The closest enterprise to where I broke down was less than an hour away, but the estimated time to reach me was 3-6 hours and I didn’t get into a replacement car until about 5 hours after I broke down, and then had over an hour and a half drive to get back on track. My trip was only 4 days long so losing a whole day because of car trouble was so disappointing. Customer service was great, and they did refund me a portion of my rental, but nothing could make up for the ruined day.
10.0 Excellent26 Jul 2021
Easy reservation, pick up and drop off process. We couldn’t have been happier!
5.9 Okay16 Jul 2021
They were ok. The car wasn’t spotless and one of the seatbelts didn’t work. But it was ok. I arrived late because of some unforeseen issues and the attendant was quick to inform me that in the future they wouldn’t rent to me because I was so late. Well, that won’t be a problem because I’ll rent somewhere else. It was frustrating because it was a crappy day already and he just had to remind me again that I was late. Whatever.
3.9 Mediocre14 Jul 2021
When I arrived at the airport, they didn’t have the car. I asked when it would be there and they said it wouldn’t. I asked where it was and they said in town. I asked for a ride to it and they said they didn’t have a driver, but gave me a business card for a taxi. Polite but totally unhelpful, and I think the whole situation was completely unacceptable.
8.0 Excellent31 May 2021
Pick up was easy. Drop off time seemed a little strict given that the office was closed both on Saturday and Sunday Sunday and all that was required was a key drop off.Reserved a truck. When called the day before our reservation they said that they were short on trucks. I did say that anything with 4-wheel drive and a higher clearance was acceptable, was given a Jeep Cherokee that is not any farther off the ground than a sedan.
10.0 Excellent29 Nov 2020
Friendly staff. Quick and easy to pick up carCar was a little messy but not bad
6.0 Good6 Oct 2020
Car was okHad the car I wanted
10.0 Excellent20 Aug 2020
I loved the gas mileage.No complaints!
2.0 Mediocre26 Jun 2020
NothingThey only accepted cards from “traditional” banks like Wells Fargo or chase. Banks with branches. No internet banks. Super annoying.
5.6 Okay10 May 2020
I was frustrated that what I reserved (a compact car) wasn’t there and I was told there was only a minivan for me. It was not needed, didn’t get as good of gas mileage and ended up costing me more in gas. I am also very unhappy that the office where I dropped off the van was closed at 4:30pm on a Thursday. Now it’s Saturday and I still don’t have a receipt and my $200 deposit still hasn’t been refunded.
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Rated no. 2
7.4 Good (32 reviews)
2 locations in Saint George
Locations in Saint George
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  • 7.3
  • 7.5
  • 7.4
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent21 Apr 2021
I’ve never had a rental company tell me I had to clean the car before I returned it. Usually the company will wash and vacuum cars after they get them back. I think this should be the companies responsibility.
2.0 Mediocre27 Nov 2020
The staff was horrible with customer service and very rude.
10.0 Excellent19 Feb 2020
the manager sam was the best to work with! He was very knowledgeable and was able to help me out a lot being a first time renter. Our trip started off poorly thanks to the airlines but Sam was able to turn that around and set us up for what was an amazing trip! so thank you very much sam, we truly appreciate it!nothing, it was all perfect!
8.0 Excellent1 Jun 2019
The car we got was better than we expected.
7.6 Good25 May 2019
All was great, except car was dirty with garbage on on floor and middle console.
5.2 Okay7 May 2019
The pick-up and drop-off where easy, the staff friendly. The vehicle was, without a question, the dirties vehicle I've ever rented.It's almost like they just washed the outside and that's it. There was trash inside the vehicle, including leftover food. There was trash in the trunk. TMaybe clean the vehicle? It also had no wind sheild wiper fluid. And they charged me a full day for going 2 hours past my drop-off time. I won't use them or Kayak again.
10.0 Excellent10 Oct 2018
Will rent there again.The man behind the desk was very helpful and was dressed nicely. The car was ready when we arrived and I was gone in less than 10 minutes. The car was spotless and ready to go. I can't say enough about the rental. Thanks!!
10.0 Excellent7 Oct 2017
The van was really clean
10.0 Excellent19 Sep 2017
Best trip everI loved the gas mileage, The car was clean and very driveable. I loved the audio system and Bluetooth connection. My trip was fabulous and the car played a big part in that because I was in it a lot. Great value
10.0 Excellent1 Aug 2017
Best rental experience everThe entire process took 3 minutes, no pressure up sells at all, courteous and professional. This was the most pleasant rental car experience I've ever had!
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Rated no. 3
6.6 Good (64 reviews)
2 locations in Saint George
Locations in Saint George
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  • 6.4
  • 6.5
Recent reviews
2.0 Mediocre3 Apr 2021
There were no cars available
4.0 Okay15 Mar 2021
Price was goodI rented a 4x4 pickup because there was three of us going on a ski trip. They stated that the pickup (2020 Ram Limited) had too many miles on it and could not be rented. They in turn gave me a Durango only to discover that it was not a 4x4, they then traded that for a Toyota 4-Runner which was a gutless tinny 4x4 that barely made it over the mountain and the cruise control did not work. I ended up trading that in for a Ford Explorer Platinum which was perfect... So what is my time worth??? I made a reservation weeks in advance and ended up getting keys for 4-different vehicles before getting something that was satisfactory!! Disappointed to say the least!
5.6 Okay19 Oct 2020
Car stunk to high heaven. Smelled like somebody smoked in the car and they used some strong smelling cleaner to cover it up. Was so bad I had to stop and get some febreeze to counteract the smell.
2.0 Mediocre21 Sep 2020
Your company oversold the that the four of us that had reservations we not able to get a car and stranded at the airport at 11:15 p.m with no can service..... unacceptable!!!
4.0 Okay3 Jan 2020
The car ran well and was good on mileage.The emergency reserve person working on the 27th was extremely stressed and taking it out on the customers. I stood in line for 2 hrs to get the car I had reserved. I also did not receive a mid size SUV even though that’s what I reserved. I received a large car but paid the mid size SUV price. I would NEVER call in that person to work ever again. Even if it’s an emergency. No patience, rude to the customers, told us all to go somewhere else, she even said out loud that she didn’t know how to do anything. Anyone would be better than her.
4.8 Okay10 Dec 2019
I suppose the fact the car we finally got did not break down and drove wellWe arrived on the Tues after Thanksgiving. Staff greeted us with "we're so stressed out, so many cars came back, we can't keep up. Your car won't be ready for an hour or more as we just don't have the staff to keep up with the cleaning". Not a good start to OUR vacation. We ordered a car, and they offered us a truck instead, but it was a monster truck, huge! Poor gas mileage, difficult to park. So we went and got lunch and came back to exchange. Now a line, had to wait 30 min to get waited on. Then same sad story from agent, but we got a car. Went out to lot, they were still cleaning so we helped put it back together, and had them forgo the rest of cleaning--now 4 hrs into our vacation time, no fun. Still hearing how stressed they were. Well guess what now we were stressed!!
9.2 Excellent5 Dec 2019
Fuel gage was at 1/8. Budget still put it at 1/4 filled up. Minor perhaps, but should have been adjusted.
4.0 Okay20 Oct 2019
Will not use budget again. They didn’t have the vehicle we needed to fit more, the customer service at pickup was not helpful and was rude. Overpriced and not at all satisfied
7.2 Good18 Oct 2019
Staff was not very engaged. Could be friendlier.My car was dirty. It had been quickly vacuumed it looked like. There were crumbs and dirt in all the crevices and around the floor mats.
2.0 Mediocre9 Sep 2019
I really didn’t like anything about this rental.CLEAN your vehicles! It literally smelled like fermenting fruit crossed with B.O. It was disgusting. And we returned it before the office opened. Went back 30 minutes after they opened and they had already rented it out again. There is NO WAY they washed it for the next renter.
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Rated no. 4
10 Excellent (6 reviews)
1 location in Saint George
Locations in Saint George
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Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent29 May 2020
Staff was friendly and helpful.
10.0 Excellent8 Apr 2020
Very friendly staff.
10.0 Excellent16 May 2017
Great serviceThey upgraded me free of charge. The salesperson was very kind and helpful.Nothing. Everything was top notch.
Rated no. 5
9.2 Excellent (23 reviews)
1 location in Saint George
Locations in Saint George
  • 8.9
  • 9.2
  • 9.3
  • 9.5
  • 9.1
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent1 Dec 2020
The staff was friendly, efficient, and helpful. Pick up and drop off was very easy.Perhaps the offer of a GPS navigating system while going through the rental process.
7.2 Good29 Aug 2020
Staff was friendly and pickup/drop off was efficient.Car smelled a little like cigarette smoke.
6.8 Good28 Aug 2020
The price.Having a car that is actually cleaned prior to us picking it up .
9.6 Excellent30 Jul 2020
Excellent staff when checking in- he was super fast and friendly. And drop-off was so SO easy. She directed me where to park my car, scanned the windshield and sent me on my way. It was a really easy rental experience. I'm happy with my service.It's always so much more expensive when dropping a vehicle off at a different location. I wish that wasn't the case. Not sure it was worth over $100 to have the car for 5 hours.
10.0 Excellent19 Jul 2020
Everything was just great, as expected
10.0 Excellent7 Oct 2019
Staff was great.It would have been nice to know when the desk closed on the day I returned the car. I was lucky to just make it by 15 minutes.
8.4 Excellent10 May 2019
quick checkout & checkinbetter way of tracking down vehicle in the parking lot
10.0 Excellent8 Dec 2018
Amazing team friendly and easy. I was in and out in less than 10 min
7.2 Good28 Aug 2018
Quick check in and car was close to check in counter
10.0 Excellent19 Jul 2017
Upgraded vehicle and super fast check out in st george
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Rated no. 6
5.8 Okay (15 reviews)
2 locations in Saint George
Locations in Saint George
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  • 6.1
  • 5.7
  • 5.7
  • 6.2
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent4 May 2021
Easy drop off and pick upInform customers of information such as ensure you have the final mileage prior to return
2.0 Mediocre25 Jul 2020
We reserved a van and they didn't have one.
8.8 Excellent9 Jul 2020
Staff was great and helpful.Full gas tank upon arrival. Frustrating to have to fill tank at onset and conclusion of trip. It should’ve been checked. I was told it was full.
2.0 Mediocre29 Nov 2019
Wish I could tell you more about my experience, but the rental facility was closed for the day and couldn't fulfill my reservation.Honest business hours would've been helpful before last minute scrambling to find al alternate rental company on a holiday.
8.0 Excellent13 Nov 2018
Staff were were not clean on inside and floor needed to be cleaned
3.6 Mediocre22 Aug 2017
Renter beware!Nothing!The only time Shelley smiled was after I signed the contract. They didn't have the SUV I had reserved 2 weeks earlier.When I asked what difference reserving makes, she said they have the option to change the class based on what they have on the lot. I tried to get my 24 yr old son as a second driver based on this sites information, and was told they had to be 25 AND have a credit card in their name. 2 hrs into my trip, we got a flat. No reimbursement. On long empty stretch of road, tried to clean bug splat off windshield but NO windshield wiper fluid! Tried calling St George office when I had cell service, no answer, no return call. Will never use Utah Avis/Budget again!
2.0 Mediocre13 Apr 2017
Worst rental everNothingFront desk lady was extremely rude. Had poor comminication skills. After arguing with her, ripped up my reservation and refused to rent to me and my daughters.... still charged my card and I have to wait a week for a refund. Will NEVEr rent from this location ever again
10.0 Excellent23 Mar 2017
Fast and easyFast and easy. Nice cars.
2.0 Mediocre20 Feb 2017
Dangerous tires and incompetenceI didn't like anything about this rental experience.Pick up was bad. The lady was rude. Never did a walk through of the vehicle. Garbage was left from the previous renter. After driving 250 miles I flipped through the steering wheel buttons and saw that the tires were dangerously over inflated. Recommended was 34, and max fill was 40 for the tires on the vehicle. The back drivers side fired was T 37, front driver side was 44, front passenger was 46, back passenger was 43. Not only was the huge difference between them all dangerous, but at almost 50psi that tire could easily have blown. They clearly never checked the car, and safety is clearly not a priority. Then upon returning the vehicle, I handed the guy the form (nobody was outside on the garage at the airport to accept the vehicle. You had to go inside to their desk). The form was filled out showing that I'd filled the gas tank. He still entered it as being returned empty and they charge $9 per gallon! He couldn't undo it either so took my number and email for them to contact me. Then it became my job to prove through pictures of the gas receipt that I'd actually filled it with gas. I won't ever be renting from Avis again.
2.0 Mediocre3 Jan 2017
The st. George location is terrible. They did not have the SUV that we requested. We were stuck without a four-wheel drive in a snowstorm and had to camp out elsewhere. This delayed our trip.
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1 location in Saint George
Locations in Saint George
Recent reviews
1 location in Saint George
Locations in Saint George
Recent reviews
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  • Based on ratings and reviews from real users on KAYAK, the best car hire companies in Saint George are Enterprise (8.2, 51 reviews), Hertz (7.3, 53 reviews), and Budget (6.4, 69 reviews).

  • The average price of fuel in Saint George is £2.55 per litre over the past 30 days. Filling up a tank of fuel costs between £31 and £41, depending on the car size.

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