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The capital of Guangxi province in southwest China, Nanning is a green metropolis, with fine museums, parks to explore, and easy access to the beauty of northern Vietnam.

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The best time to visit is October and November, which is Nanning's festival season. Catch folk music, food events, and great sightseeing weather when you visit in the fall.

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Where to Stay in Nanning

Accommodation highlights in the city include the modern Nanning Marriott and the even more luxurious Guangxi Wharton International.

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Shopping Streets

Head to Chaoyang Road to pick up leather goods and apparel from department stores like Diamond Square, or visit Xingning Road to check out Nanning's finest jewelry makers.

Groceries and Other

Supermarkets in Nanning include Walmart and Chinese companies like Ren Ren Le. Expect to pay about ¥13 for 12 eggs.

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Where to Eat in Nanning

Guangxi's cuisine is among the best in China, with great noodle, chicken, and pancake specialties to try. For the best food in town, try Nanning Muslim Hotel and Líyŭ Cūn, while you won't go wrong by picking somewhere on Zhongshan Road. Prices range from ¥20 for street food snacks to ¥60-80 per head at fine restaurants.

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