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Antigua and Barbuda is a twin-island nation made up of the two islands of the same name. They are situated in the Caribbean Sea and their capital is St. John's. Holidays in Antigua and Barbuda are popular with honeymooners, families and sun-seekers, as like most of the Caribbean, the scenery is extraordinary and the white sand beaches offer maximum relaxation. Due to the number of beaches, the country is known as 'Land of 365 Beaches'.

Antigua And Barbuda

Holidays in Antigua and Barbuda: Top tips

The best times to visit Antigua and Barbuda is between December and April, as the rest of the year is very humid and the chance of tropical storms is high. There are two international and public airports which serve the islands, both V. C. Bird International Airport and Barbuda Codrington Airport operate flights between these islands and the rest of the world. Once you are there, getting around is easiest by taxi or rental car, and travelling between Antigua and Barbuda is accomplished by a ferry operated by the Barbuda Express. The timezone in Antigua and Barbuda is GMT -4.

Activities for your holidays in Antigua and Barbuda

Life is a beach on these two Caribbean islands; so your holidays in Antigua and Barbuda are likely to consist of relaxing, sunbathing, snorkelling and diving, the major activities for holidaymakers. On Antigua, you might wish to visit the English Harbour, Freetown, Half Moon Bay or St. John's for the popular resorts, restaurants, scenery and beaches. Whilst on Barbuda, visit Coco Beach, a pink coral beach which is considered by many to be the most beautiful in the Caribbean. You can also try out horseback riding along the sand, go to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, check out caves and see the island's main city of Codrington.

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