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Providing a fascinating look into the Arab world, Lebanon offers activities for history, culture and sports buffs, as well as foodies and nature lovers. The nightlife in Beirut, the country's capital, is famous as well! Holidays in Lebanon can be extremely diverse; you can go skiing and hit the beach in the same day.

Holidays in Lebanon: when to go and how to get around

Lebanon has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. The sunniest, and therefore most popular time of year to visit is between June and August. Though, it can be very humid this time of year and there are sometimes heatwaves. Anytime of year, most travellers arrive by plane, with the capital's international airport being just 5 kilometres outside of the city. Getting around once in Lebanon is easiest by bus, taxi or rental car. The time zone in Lebanon is GMT+2. Other travel considerations may be to scan the unrest in the Middle East, though chances of confronting this are very slim outside of Tripoli and the border with Syria.

Things to see and do on holidays in Lebanon

For visitors to Beirut, its downtown area is a lively place with cafes, nightclubs, bars and restaurants. For a quieter day, visit Baalbeck, home to the Roman ruins of Jeita Grotto. The grotto, a nominee for the seven natural wonders of the world, houses a magnificent system of limestone caves with an underground river providing fresh drinking water. For food lovers, the city of Anjar boasts the best authentic Lebanese restaurants such as fresh hummus and a typical bread salad called fattoush. There is also the opportunity during holidays in Lebanon to ski at one of the country's six ski resorts. Given the microclimates, it´s even possible to ski in the morning, and visit beaches in the afternoon. A mountain visit in summer is also good, providing a refreshingly cool break.

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