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From wandering in the mountainous province of Ifugao, to taking a dip in the hot springs at Busuanga, via the teeming metropolis of Manila, holidays in the Philippines mean variety, history and wonder. Consisting of an archipelago of 7,107 islands the diverse ethnicities and cultures of the country's population will leave an indelible impression.


Holidays in the Philippines: Travelling in Manila

There are many flights to Manila International Airport which situated in the capital of the Philippines. Despite being a huge and diverse city, travelling around Manila is easy with its tram, metro, bus and taxi services. To get a distinct perspective of the city, you can ride a traditional horse drawn carriage in some districts such as Binondo, which is useful for navigating narrow streets. The Philippines has a very warm climate and the time zone is GMT+8.

Holidays in the Philippines: Things to see and do

In the centre of old Manila is Intramuros, a stone citadel founded by the Spanish in 1571 which is home to the cathedral. Nearby the stunning church of San Augustin is to be found, one of the oldest in the Philippines. A guided tour of the Malcanang Palace, the Presidential residence, is highly reccomended as is the National Museum on Roxas Boulevard.

Easily accessible from Manila is Fort Santiago on Corregidor Island, a site of colonial and military history where many Filipinos were imprisoned during the war. Today, there is a beautiful Japanese Peace Garden, Correigidor Lighthouse and the Malinta Tunnel military complex, now a fascinating museum. So whether you want to soak up the culture and history of Manila, or relax by the beautiful bay, holidays in the Philippines are bound to be an unforgettable experience.

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