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Glattbrugg is a charming area in the north-east of the greater metropolitan area of Zurich. Glattbrugg holidays illustrate how this ancient hamlet has managed to hold onto its traditional charm, while also bringing itself up to speed with the present. It is now at the forefront of Swiss business, transport and technology. Glattbrugg holidays mix the excitement of a modern metropolis with the serenity and beauty of a Swiss wood.

Planning Glattbrugg Holidays

Situated within the Central European time zone (UTC+1), Glattbrugg is lucky to be situated right beside Zurich's International Airport, making Glattbrugg holidays extremely accessible. Less than a mile away, this airport is one of the busiest hubs in Europe, receiving daily direct flights from all over the UK and elsewhere. Transport around Glattbrugg holidays is also very efficient, with reliable trains, trams and buses, as well as dozens of high-end hotels or other accommodation options available. The changing seasons in Glattbrugg holidays mean that it experiences hot, steamy summers—perfect for exploring the semi-rural green areas around Glattbrugg—and snowy chills in winter which cover Glattbrugg's charming old buildings, showcasing them in their most magical light.

Glattbrugg Holidays Highlights

The modern area which surrounds Glattbrugg is the location on which several ancient Swiss hamlets were originally developed, and strolling around the river can still give a sense of this history here. Glattbrugg holidays offer holiday-makers a wide range of dining and entertainment options, however for those feeling like a short excursion rather than a meal, it is easy to take an S-Bahn from Glattbrugg and explore the sights of Zurich. From the glistening presence of Lake Zurich, to world-class chocolate shops, to churches and traditional houses standing alongside shiny skyscrapers, there is plenty to keep visitors engrossed. If travelling with children, Glattbrugg is fewer than 10 km from the excellent Zurich Zoo, which may be an even bigger hit than a city tour with the little ones.

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