Use this interactive map to help find the best flight deals worldwide according to your budget.

Thanks to our interactive map, KAYAK Explore, you can now find the best flight deals; worldwide and within your budget.

This tool allows you to effortlessly select your chosen airport, travel dates, your travel budget, and the maximum flight time, and within seconds, it shows you the best flight routes around the world.

Follow these steps to find the best routes worldwide:

1. Go to There you’ll find a map with all available flight options departing from your current location.

Discover where to fly to from your departure airport
Discover where to fly to from your departure airport

2. Next, enter your preferred departure airport. All nearby airports will appear as an option.

KAYAK Explore

3. Then, enter the time period in which you would like to travel.

KAYAK Explore

4. Just next door, use the slider to filter both your travel budget and the maximum travel time.

KAYAK Explore

5. Now, you’ll see the results on the map change according to your selections.


6. Choose any option that suits you. At a glance, you can see all the information for all the available destination choices, including travel dates, airline, and the number of stopovers.

KAYAK Explore

7. By clicking ‘Find Flights’, you’ll launch a flight search that will  compare all current offers to your chosen destination.

Try EXPLORE now and see for yourself!

Note: Screenshots are not showing actual prices. Prices are subject to change, may vary or are no longer available.