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Finland, a country of thousand lakes, is much more than just beautiful forest-covered landscapes. The major cities like Helsinki and Tampere offer a variety of culture from concerts and theatre to inspiring small-scale events like Restaurant Day. A stay on a farm in the countryside or skiing holidays in Lapland will bring you close to the green heart of the country and make your holiday in Finland an unforgettable experience.


Holiday in Finland: How to get there

International flights connect Helsinki and other destinations in Finland with all the major cities of Europe and there are frequent ferry departures to the city from Stockholm and Tallinn. Although the distances between the Finnish cities might seem long, a comprehensive national flight, train and bus network makes it easy to get around on your holidays in Finland. Each season in Finland has its particular characteristics. In the summer travellers can enjoy long white nights and nature blossoming in its full beauty. The time zone in Finland is GMT+3.

Holiday in Finland: Something to see all year round

Local cultural events or folk festivals such as Provinssirock in Seinäjoki (one of the oldest in Scandavia) or midsummer celebrations with their bonfires and folk dances are amongst Finland's many attractions. From November or December until April the ski resorts offer a variety of winter sports from cross-country skiing to dog-sled rides. The Rovaniemi region is home to Santa Claus' village which is open all year round.

An excellent way to spend holidays in Finland is to start from Helsinki. Around the landmarks of The Senate Square and the Cathedral, you can discover some of the best examples of Finnish architecture, visit art and design museums and stroll on the Esplanadi shopping street. Complete your holidays in Finland by enjoying the peaceful forests and lakes on a hiking trip in the countryside or rent a cottage with its own sauna for a truly Finnish experience.

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