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Nestled in Central Europe, landlocked Hungary is bordered by seven countries, including Romania, Austria and the Ukraine. Hungary has had a tumultuous and varied history, from the Ottoman invasion in the 16th century to the Hungarian Revolution and decades of communism in the 20th. These influences can still be felt today, and make Hungary a fascinating country to explore.


Holidays in Hungary: Getting around

Hungary experiences distinct seasons, from a cold and damp winter to a warm and sometimes very hot summer. The best time for taking holidays in Hungary is probably spring, when the weather is still mild and the country is not yet full of summer tourists. Travelling around Hungary can be done by rail or car, and trams and buses are also available in the bigger cities like Budapest.

Hungary: a cultural gem

Hungary's capital city, Budapest, comprises the two former cities Buda and Pest. Budapest alone offers a full itinerary for your holidays in Hungary, with its Holocaust Museum, Heroes Square, St Stephen's Cathedral and even a marzipan museum. Those with a thirst for the arts can catch a show at the Opera House while history buffs won't want to miss the House of Terror. Visitors can soak in Budapest's famous hot springs at the thermal bathhouses located in the city centre. Further out is the old baroque town of Eger, which houses Hungary's second largest basilica, and Szentendre, famous for its baroque artists and multicultural atmosphere. Another must-see in Hungary is the Eszterhazy Palace at Fertod, which was, in its time, renowned as the country's centre of arts and culture, and referred to as the ""Hungarian Versailles"". Finally, a special treat is the Lazar Brother's horse ranch, where you can enjoy a show program of the famous ""Csikosok"" (Hungarian cowboys).

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