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When planning for Kenyan Coast holidays, there are a few things that the traveller should keep in mind before booking a flight. Kenya is a central African country that borders the Indian Ocean. Kenya is divided into eight provinces, one of them being the Coast Province. The coast is characterised by thick tropical forests, beaches, and crystal clear water.

The When and How of Kenyan Coast Holidays

Because of its location, the Kenyan Coast has a warm, tropical climate year round. For travellers located in the UK there are many all-inclusive holiday packages that provide flights, hotels, and entrance to several attractions which Kenyan Coast holidays offer. For travellers located in Africa, Europe, or Asia, there are also opportunities to travel by boat, cruise liner or by shorter flights in addition to the aforementioned package deals.

What to Do in Kenya

There are many attractions to see when visiting the Kenyan Coast. First, take advantage of various offers that provide tourists the opportunity to go on safaris or adventure tours. One can also enjoy the lively markets of Lamu and Mombasa, where there are also numerous luxury shopping centres and local shops that offer regional products and handcrafts. Third, the coast features many nightclubs to be enjoyed. In addition, the cuisine of the region must be sampled, with its delicious blend of fish and seafood dishes prepared with ginger, lime and other flavourful spices.

Finally, the coast offers an ideal setting for relaxation and fun. The waters are crystal clear, and the colourful coral reefs provide many opportunities to go scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, and much more. The hotel seaside resorts also offer a serene break, with wellness options to recuperate. There is so much to see and do in the Coast Province - from the pristine beaches to ancient towns - that a Kenyan Coast holiday is never long enough,

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