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Holidays in Taiwan give visitors the opportunity to climb high cliffs, experience aboriginal tribes, hike through giant gorges and beautiful, varied scenery. Boating facilities are also available on some of the ancient lakes. Nicknamed the ‘Sweet Potato Island’, Taiwan can be an ideal spot for those holidaymakers who love nature and adventure at the same time.

Planning perfect holidays in Taiwan

With Taiwan's subtropical climate, the country experiences little temperature variation, with averages between 15-30°Celsius. The best time to book holidays in Taiwan depends on your destination: late winter to early summer (December-May) are balmy and dry in the south, while rain, occasional typhoons and hot, humid weather characterise late summer through autumn. Meanwhile, the mountains to the north can be a welcome respite from summer heat. To reach this island nation, tourists can arrive at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, which is serviced by many international flights daily. Once in Taiwan, visitors can use local buses, trains, taxis, and private cars to reach attractions. Taiwan is located in the GMT+8 time zone, just like Hong Kong and Beijing.

Attractions in Taiwan

On the eastern coast you will find Hualien, a perfect destination for adventure lovers. This region is filled with dramatic cliffs which rise to nearly 1,000 metres. However, Hualien’s main attraction, Taroko Gorge, is a true mecca for all outdoor aficionados. This gorge ranges from sea level to some of Taiwan's highest peaks, which are over 3,000 metres tall. Hikers can traverse coastal cliffs, subtropical forest canyons and alpine forests in the mere 60-kilometre span of Taroko National Park.

Travellers who'd like to experience the beauty of old Taiwan should visit the Wuchang Temple. The deep-blue waters of the Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County are ideal for a peaceful afternoon boat ride. Other attractions to round out holidays in Taiwan include Kenting National Park (known for its lush vegetation and beaches) and Taipingshan (known for its scenic beauty).

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