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Located in Pamphylia on Turkey's south coast, Alanya is a great destination full of exciting things to see and places to relax. In the evening, Alanya is a vibrant place with a thriving nightlife and in recent years the town has grown into a very popular holiday destination. As well as its sandy beaches, Alanya holidays offer a glimpse into the region's fascinating history.


Alanya holidays: Getting around

The nearest airport to Alanya is at Gazipasa, which is becoming more popular for international flights. Otherwise, Alanya is about 2 hour's drive from Antalya Airport. From Gazipasa Airport, it is easy to get to the centre of Alanya via taxi or the local bus service. It may also be a good idea to hire a car during your visit to Turkey. The best time for Alanya holidays is the glorious summer months, although these can also be the most expensive. The time zone is GMT+2.

Alanya: Where to start

A great place to start in Alanya is its awesome castle. Overlooking the city, as well as the nearby Cilician mountains, this historical gem occupies a hilly peninsula and is surrounded by stunning views of the sea. Check out Kızıl Kule, a five-storey octagonal defence tower dating back to 1226. Built after the surrender of the Armenians to the sultan, today the building houses a fascinating museum and has a roof terrace with stunning views of the harbour. For more local history head to Alanya Museum, holding artifacts and jewellery from throughout the town's history, it's well worth a visit on Alanya holidays. To relax, head to Cleopatra's Beach which is often quieter than Alanya's main beaches and has great views of the fortress. There are many boat tours available and this is a great way to explore the nearby caves and sealife.

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