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If you are looking for a holiday that combines culture, history, sea, sand and even golf, Antalya - a city which lies along the never-ending, scenic Turkish coastline -- is the place to go. The favourable exchange rate also means that the British pound goes a long way here.


Holidays in Antalya: When to go, how to get there

Antalya's hilly terrain and mountains make it ideal for both summer or winter travel. In the winter the main attraction is skiing. In the summer, enjoy the Mediterranean weather: hot during the day and warm at night. Take along shorts and light cotton clothing for the summer months. There is one international airport -- Gazipasa International -- and once you've arrived, buses and taxis are available to take you where you need to go to start your holidays in Antalya right away.

Visit the museums and ruins of Antalya

There is something to stop for in every city you visit on your Antalya holidays. Take a guided tour of the ruins at Perge and Termessos, or climb the ancient ruins of Hierapolis and Pamukkale and find yourself immersed in the Greek, Roman and Byzantine culture of the past. Be sure to wear comfortable hiking shoes and bring plenty of water to hydrate. And your Antalya holidays would be incomplete without a visit to the Antalya archaeological museum and the Suna Museum in Antalya's Kaleici district. Take a day-trip to the city of Side and stay for the night-life: there are numerous bars and restaurants, and clubs if you feel like dancing.

Antalya Holidays: Golf

About an hour's drive from Antalya is the town of Belek, which has become the place to go if you're looking for a golfing holiday. The town and surrounds offer more than ten world-class golf courses that take you from sandy dunes into lush green tropical scenery.

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