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Kemer is an ancient town of around 25,000 inhabitants on the coast of Turkey, in the shadow of the Taurus Mountains. Until the first connecting road was built in the 1980's the town was cut off from the rest of the country. Since then tourism has flourished thanks to its unique natural suroundings. Pine forests, the Gulf of Antalya as well as numerous ecologically protected islands provide a fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts and sunbathers alike.

Beginning Your Kemer Holidays

Making your way to Kemer is easily done via Antalya's International Airport, which is about 53km away. From there you can take a private taxi or shared transportation to Kemer. The best time to visit Kemer is from June to November. However, since Kemer has a typical Mediterranean climate, it can be considered a year-round holiday destination. The time zone in Turkey conforms to Eastern European Time (GMT+2 or 3 according to the time of year).

What to do On Your Kemer Holidays

Luckily for holiday makers in Kemer, the age old dilema of whether to visit the mountains or the beach does not have to be faced as they are both within a short distance of each other. For beach-lovers there is almost 50km of beautiful blue water where diving, snorkelling, swimming, and other watersports are incredibly popular. Reefs and protected marine environments make for picturesque underwater scenery. For those that prefer a bit of adventure, there are plenty of activities such as rock climbing, white water rafting, horse back riding and mountain biking. Others may enjoy more laid-back endeavours such as nature photography and boat tours of Kemer's striking coast. Kemer is also home to a number of spas and wellness centres where the visitor can relax and rejuvenate while getting away from it all. Kemer holidays offer something for everyone, leaving all who visit refreshed, exhilarated by its natural beauty.

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