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An ancient town on the Turkish Riviera, Manavgat is full of surprises. It sits on fertile farmland between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The Manavgat River that runs through the town has been used for centuries to transport goods from trading ports into various parts of Turkey. It is also plays host to a stunning, blue waterfall and popular swimming areas. In town, a mix of old and new blend well together with unique architecture which can be found everywhere from mosques to storefronts.


Beginning your Manavgat holidays

Flying into Antalya International Airport is the easiest way to travel to Manavgat. From the airport there are a number of shared cars and buses that you can take into the town. However, if you stay at a resort or book a holiday package make sure you check to see if your hotel offers airport pickup. The best time for your Manavgat holidays is during the summer months (April to October), when the weather is at its best, as winter months can be surprisingly cold. The local time zone is GMT+2.

What to do on your Manavgat holidays

Manavgat has a fantastic coastline that stretches for over 60 kilometres, so naturally it is a great location for sunbathing, snorkelling, swimming and all sorts of watersports. During the summer, tourism swells the town's population and a number of outlets offer trips around the region. Many involve cave exploration, visiting the dazzling waterfalls nearby and even white water rafting in Koprulu Canyon. There are also a number of excursions you can take to nearby towns such as Side and Selge to see the ancient sites that testify to Turkey's historical significance. Manavgat holidays also offer plenty of dining options, with a decidedly Mediterranean cuisine that ranges from delicious street food to five-star restaurants.

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