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Sharjah is part of the United Arab Emirates. As the Emirates' third largest city, it lies comfortably just next to Dubai, offering an attractive lifestyle option to those working in Dubai city but wanting to escape the high cost of living there. Sharjah, however has gifts of its own. Glistening sandy beaches and bright shopping centres along with ornate crafts and a unique blend of foods combine to make it an excellent holiday destination.


Sharjah holidays: When to visit and how to get there

Sharjah’s warm weather makes it the perfect winter getaway. The best time to travel to the region is usually between October and April. Temperatures during this period range from lows of around 7 degrees Celcius to highs in the mid 30s, depending on the month. Sharjah holidays are easy to plan for people coming from the UK or major cities in Europe. Most direct flights will land in Dubai, and from there it is a simple 30 minute taxi ride to Sharjah's bustling city centre. Sharjah also has its own international airport, which has direct flights to and from most major cities in the Middle East.

Sharjah: Attractions and excursions

Sharjah holidays offer a wide variety of things to do and see. While visiting the city centre, visitors should take a walk along the Al Majaz waterfront, boasting a long promenade with an eclectic mix of shops and cafes to explore. Sharjah is proud of its contributions to history and offers a large selection of museums. Among the most popular are Sharjah’s Museum of Islamic Civilization and The Desert History Museum. The Sharjah Aquarium and Wildlife Safari Park also offer learning experiences and activities for both children and adults.

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