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Ajman is the smallest of the seven federal states that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Although Ajman is known for being more laid back than its better-known neighbours, the economic development and growth that has swept across the region in recent years is now beginning to transform this tiny principality on the Arabian Peninsula, too. With its glitzy shopping malls, fine restaurants and five star international hotels, Ajman city certainly looks like place that is benefiting from a significant construction boom. Scratch the veneer of chrome and glass, though, and it’s quite easy to see, through its mosques, forts, traditional shops and food, that a humble and altogether simpler way of life is still very much in evidence here.


Ajman holidays: travel essentials

Although this part of the Persian Gulf is blessed with sunshine almost all year round, mid-October to mid-April is often the best time to take Ajman holidays as this is when temperatures are at their most moderate. Ajman does not yet have an international airport of its own, so most British visitors get here by flying direct to Dubai (around eight hours) and then transferring onward to their hotel by taxi (a journey time of about 30 minutes). Ajman does not have a public transport system so taxis are the de-facto method of getting around. Like the rest of the UAE, Ajman is four hours ahead of the UK (GMT+4).

Ajman holidays: highlights

Away from the shopping malls and hotel pools, Ajman city’s 16 kilometre stretch of palm fringed, white sandy beach is often the main draw for visitors. Taking an early evening stroll along the Corniche as locals enjoy a barbeque or picnic is a very pleasant experience indeed. Dolphins are a frequent sight off the coast of Ajman so heading out on a dolphin spotting trip is also a great way to spend a day.

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