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While Bitez may be little more than a discus throw away from the all-action resort of Bodrum, this Aegean gem is a world away in most other respects. With its whitewashed buildings, widespread citrus groves and unhurried locals, Bitez looks and feels like a resort that is keen to highlight how pretty and alluring this part of Turkey really is. Moreover, the fact that it doesn't cost a penny to use the sun loungers or hammocks on the crescent-shaped beach ensures visitors are able to enjoy the resort's most important order of business – relaxing – right from the off.

Bitez holidays: travel essentials

Unlike some other places in the Aegean Sea, Bitez' s position on the Bodrum Peninsula enables it to receive cooling breezes during the summer. This can be a godsend in the high summer months as temperatures really can swelter during July and August. Flights are frequent and convenient from the UK, taking just four hours from London to Bodrum Airport (transfers to the resort take around 45 – 60 minutes). Visitors should note that Turkey's currency is the Lira, not the Euro, and that the time on the Aegean coast is two hours ahead of the UK (GMT+2).

Bitez holidays: things to see and do

The kilometre long stretch of sand and the shallow waters it shelves into are the undoubted highlights of most people's holidays to Bitez. As well as being perfect lazing territory, opportunities to partake in all manner of water based activities abound, with everything from windsurfing and sailing to kayaking and parasailing widely available. Further afield, the ancient cities of Ephesus and Troy can both be seen on organised tours. Evenings are pretty low key affairs in Bitez, with al fresco meals and a few cocktails taking precedence over anything too energetic. Visitors who are keen to experience a livelier night out can easily head over to Bodrum for the evening.

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