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Torba is located on a quiet bay on the Bodrum Peninsula in western Turkey, where it borders the far eastern part of the Aegean Sea. In general the area around Torba is relatively undeveloped and still retains an idyllic feel; however, new developments at the Bodrum resort town, 11 km away by road, and some other nearby towns have started to ""modernise"" the area. The landscape is generally hilly with low shrubs and smaller trees typically found in the region of the Mediterranean. Olive trees abound in the slopes behind Torba.

How to Get to Torba and When to Go

The best time to enjoy Torba holidays is between April and October, when the weather is usually dry and warm. This is the perfect time for holidaymakers and families with children to enjoy the sandy beaches and clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Even though summer is the peak season, last minute deals to Torba are often available. Rooms are plentiful in Torba and surrounding area. To enjoy a Torba holiday direct flights from many European cities land in Bodrum.

What to Do on Torba Holidays

Tourist attractions abound, from the beaches to cultural excursions, but for Torba holidaymakers who enjoy ancient ruins, this area is at the top of the list. Several historical sites can be visited on Torba holidays, including one of the Wonders of the Ancient World: the Mausoleum of Halikamassus and the famous Temple of Apollo. Another must-see is the world's oldest known shipwreck museum, which is housed in a 15th century castle. After sightseeing, travellers can relax with a cold beer or wine at one of the many small restaurants along the bay. If shopping is on your agenda then it's only a short ride to Bodrum, where local shops offer unique souvenirs. Sampling the cuisine is another highlight at Torba, particularly if you enjoy freshly caught fish, such as sea bass and bream.

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